10 Easy Steak and Rice Dinner Recipes

From spicy fajitas to hearty Japanese rice bowls, these easy steak and rice recipes they are insanely versatile, incredibly delicious and easy to prepare.

So ditch the heavy pasta and high carb potatoes and go for a side of light and fluffy rice with your next steak dinner!

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Steak and Rice Bowl with Cucumber, Tomatoes and Avocados

Rice offers you a lot of variety and is also incredibly cheap.

Keep it simple with salt and butter, or cook it up with herbs and spices for something a little more pizzazz.

Either way, rice can take on bigger, bolder flavors than most grains and side dishes.

Whether it’s brilliant taco spices, savory Mediterranean herbs, or fragrant Indian favorites, these steak and rice recipes are to die for.

The best steak fried rice and more!

Steak Fried Rice is simple, spicy, and oh so tasty. It is the perfect dish for someone who wants Asian food that is not also Asian.

You will use a half pound of tender, flavorful steak. Then you’ll liven it up with lots of mixed greens, a bit of garlic, and chives.

The combination of oyster and soy sauces is delicious. It adds a rich depth of flavor that enhances the entire dish.

It’s incredibly abundant, too, Y it takes only 20 minutes to make. (Minus the marinating time, of course.)

If you want to keep it low carb, substitute cauliflower rice. Hmm!

In the mood for something with a little Tex-Mex flair? Try these Steak Fajita Bowls.

They’re everything you love about fajitas, minus the tortillas.

Of course, you can add some of those too, if you want. But between the corn and the rice, you’ll have carbs to spare.

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Everything about this food is delicious. You also don’t have to stick strictly to the recipe or the vegetables in the picture.

Load your bowl with whatever you want. I suggest onions, black beans, guacamole, and pico to start.

Oh, and don’t forget the cheese. It’s not in the recipe, but you No wants to leave it out.

This spicy pepper steak doesn’t even need rice to be tasty. You could eat it right out of the pan and be more than satisfied.

It really is that delicious, thanks mostly to the Cajun seasonings, soy sauce, and peppers. It is a complete meal on its own.

That said, serving it over a bed of rice makes it even plus satisfying. Plus, the fluffy texture of the rice goes so well with the chewy steak and peppers.

If you like steak and the fresh flavor of tomatoes, you’ll love this meal. And the best part? It only takes 45 minutes and a single pan to prepare.

Forget steak and rice! The cucumber roses in these bowls are gorgeous. I love edible art, so fancy food is always a real hit with me.

That said, even without the charming appearance, these bowls are phenomenal. So people will love them with or without the fancy extras.

Every bowl is Korean barbecue at its finest. Y there are also many vegetables.

It’s like a savory and spicy salad with a barbecue dressing. (Trust me, it’s not as strange as it sounds.)

If you’re too confused by the presentation, serve the barbecue on the side. That way, you can think of it as Korean steak and salad.

Either way, I know you’ll love it.

This simple steak bowl combines steak, rice, and lettuce. All the other ingredients on the list go into the marinade, which tastes incredibly right.

The steak is wonderfully tender and has the better taste. You also get a nice crispy crust around the edges if you cook it right.

This dish is not as fancy or colorful as others on the list. Fortunately, no one they’ll care about its simple presentation once they try it; they’ll be too busy looking for seconds.

Is beef and broccoli your favorite takeout food? Then this recipe is for you.

The steak is tasty and well seasoned. Meanwhile, the rice is fluffy and deliciously sticky.

Add broccoli and sesame seeds for a crunch and a pop of color, and you have a sweet and savory dish that will rival even its Favourite takeaway board.

This colorful and richly flavored bowl looks like something out of PF Chang’s. It certainly tastes like it came out of a restaurant and is as healthy as it is delicious.

Packed with steamed edamame, raw carrots, and sautéed bok choy, it’s fresh and crisp.

Not to mention the tasty brown rice and grilled Mongolian beef!

It is an excellent option if you fancy bold flavors. Trust me, there is nothing bland or understated about this dish.

Everything is intense, from its colorful appearance to its great taste. That’s what makes it so good.

I like to call this a “Goldilocks” recipe because everything is Just fine.

The steak is neither too thick nor too thin and features the perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors.

it’s salty, but not also salty. spicy but not also cool. garlic, but not also garlic… you get the idea.

If you want a delicious 30-minute lunch option, this pepper steak is it. Just don’t expect to have leftovers for dinner.

If you are a fan of Hibachi, you will love this tasty dish. The steak and rice are perfectly done and their flavors are fantastic.

Don’t let the ginger sauce scare you, either. It adds a rich warmth to food, but is not overly spicy.

If you’ve ever had ginger beer, ginger sauce is similar. So it has all the heat and spice of ginger but without the heat.

Of course sometimes you are in the mood for something spicy. And that’s where these Chipotle Steak Rice Bowls come in handy.

Smoked, spicy, and spectacularly good, the well-seasoned, tender flank steak is so flavorful you’ll want to eat it plain.

Try to resist that urge if you can, though, because the rice and vegetables really bring this whole dish to life.

It’s a super tasty 30 minute meal that No I want to share.

Steak and Rice Recipes

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