17 Mung Bean Recipes (Heartful and Delicious!)

If you’re looking to change up your routine, check out these delicious mung bean recipes! There are options ranging from curries to vegan dumplings to desserts, and they are all fantastic.

17 Mung Bean Recipes (Heavy and Delicious!): Mung Bean Stew with Pork and Vegetables

Mung beans are a small green legume commonly found in Asian cuisine.

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They originate from India but have become popular all over the world. It’s because they are delicious!

They have a slight nutty flavor that goes well with different types of cuisine. Oh! And they are quite healthy.

They are loaded with vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Some studies have shown that they can even fight cancerous tumors.

That’s not to mention the high amounts of fiber and protein.

Basically, you should add mung beans to your diet. And I’m here to help! I have compiled a list of 17 of my favorites mung bean recipes for you to try.

Who says healthy food has to be boring? I certainly don’t…and that definitely won’t be said about this curry. It’s hearty and tasty, but super nutritious.

This curry features traditional curry flavors like cumin, ginger, garlic, turmeric, tomato, and coriander. The cayenne pepper adds some heat and the coconut milk adds a refreshing creaminess.

Mung beans add texture, protein, and fiber. The lime adds a bit of freshness that perfectly balances each spoonful.

Serve as a soup or over rice.

This soup is creamy and comforting, but has some current substance too. Plus, it’s really delicious and healthy… and it happens to be vegan.

This is a very fresh soup with coconut milk, mung beans, seasonings and vegetables. This soup will nourish you in body and soul.

Filipino pork monggo is a dish the whole family will love. It’s meaty, flavorful, and absolutely delicious. Not to mention it’s healthy and filling.

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If you like lentil stew or soup, I know you will like this dish. It has a lentil-like texture, as well as that “good for you” feeling.

Pork monggo has a blend of light and rich ingredients, so every bite is heavenly. But each ingredient adds flavor and some nutrition.

Except maybe the chicharrón… That’s purely for the taste.

Some people may hesitate when they first look at this burrito. And that’s okay because it’s not for everyone. have a batch of green things.

However, it is worth a try. Because I think its punchy flavors and pleasing textures might change your mind.

The avocado dressing is the real MVP here… it’s fresh, herbaceous, and SPICY. Seriously, this burrito is everything. It has spice, saltiness, freshness, creaminess and crunch.

Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast anymore! Nokductoon is a type of savory Korean pancake popular during Korean New Year. They are reminiscent of a potato cake or a fish cake.

These fried bites from heaven are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They are made with ground mung beans and your choice of vegetables and meats.

Therefore, they are very customizable with vegan and vegetarian options.

Mung beans and chickpeas are legumes and have fairly similar nutritional content. In a contest, mung beans could take the trophy for most overall benefits. But, both are healthy.

Since they are so similar, it makes sense that mung beans would make a fantastic hummus. It’s creamy, delicious, packed with protein, and perfectly dipping.

This recipe does not have tahini. So if you’re not usually a fan of hummus, you might like this one better.

There’s nothing like a thick, flavorful stew that sticks to the ribs. It’s even better when it’s really good for you. And that’s exactly what you get with this Kale Mung Bean Stew.

It’s loaded with vegetables like potatoes, kale, garlic, tomatoes, and onions. Of course, it also features super-powered mung beans, so every bite tastes and feels good.

This light and healthy salad is perfect if you don’t want a traditional salad. It’s still loaded with healthy veggies, but has a little more OOMPH.

One pot meals are the best because they are so easy. Since everything is cooked together, the flavors are out of this world. This creamy Asain-inspired stew proves it.

Plus, this might be the most refreshing stew you’ve ever had. Actually, it could be only stew you could call refreshing.

Contains coconut milk, lime juice, coriander, jalapeño, ginger and spices. In addition, it contains mung beans and typical ingredients of the stew such as carrots and onions. It’s light but filling and super tasty.

These little meatballs are so delicious and fabulously textural. The mung bean filling is soft and flavorful, while the dumpling dough is deliciously chewy. They are covered in a tasty sauce.

This recipe is quite simple, but it requires several time-consuming steps. However, these tasty Vietnamese dumplings are worth every second of effort.

Start your day off right with these Indian inspired mung bean oatmeal pancakes. Like the Korean noktuveon, these are savory pancakes. So, you can really have them at any time of the day.

These are made with oatmeal and mashed mung beans, plus jalapeno and scallions. They are very delicious with a touch of spice. Serve them with a tasty yogurt dip.

These tacos are totally nutritious and absolutely DELICIOUS. And… they are free from all. There is no meat, no gluten, no rice, no nuts, and no dairy.

If you make your own taco seasoning, they’re sugar free too! Fear not because these tacos are still super tasty.

This recipe uses a filling of seasoned chickpeas, cauliflower, and caramelized onions. It’s delicious. But the really special part of this dish is the homemade tacos.

They are made from ground and pureed mung beans and lentils. You cook the “dough” like a pancake, so you get soft, fresh, warm shells. They are so delicious.

Plus, you can make the shells for a veggie-free taco night!

I promised you dessert and here it is! Sweet bean desserts are very common in Asia and are very delicious. These mung bean popsicles are a fantastic example.

They are refreshingly light and wonderfully sweet. Each bite has the perfect soft popsicle chew. And the extra mung beans on the bottom add even more fun texture.

These palettes require some time and effort, but they are worth it. I think making these popsicles would be a great educational activity to do with kids.

I eat meat, but enjoy having plant-based meals in my regular rotation. So far, I’ve had a hard time finding plant-based burgers that I like.

Mung Bean Burgers are changing the game! They are full of protein and the texture – although unlike meat – is fabulous. These are in a delicious category of their own.

Plus, they taste like a trip to Italy. You’ll taste sun-dried tomatoes, oregano, garlic, and olives in every bite. And you save on plane tickets.

This kale and quinoa salad is the perfect healthy side dish. Each bite is a roller coaster of flavor and texture. It’s fresh, packed with protein, and fully customizable.

Here is another dessert that is essentially the sweet version of Banh it tran. They are chewy rice balls filled with a sweetened mung bean paste. But there is more…

When they’re done cooking, dip them in a sweet and tangy ginger syrup. And when you’re ready to eat, you serve them in sweetened coconut cream.

Finally, he tops his plate with toasted sesame seeds for a fantastic crunch. This dessert is light, sweet, tropical and simply sublime.

You won’t even miss the meat in these delicious vegan potstickers. They are hearty, flavorful, salty, and perfectly chewy. Also, they have a fantastic little crisp on the edges.

You will love it!

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