4 Royal Dishes From All Over India That You Can’t Miss

1. Rampur Mutton Curry

A small town in Uttar Pradesh, Rampur’s food culture is heavily influenced by nuances of Mughlai, Awadhi and Afghani cuisines, plus a subtle hint of Rajput flavours. It is known for its rich foods, complete with aromatic spices. Rampuri Lamb Curry is a rich, tender and aromatic blend of spices and meat, slowly cooked to perfection and defines the flavor of Royal Rampur Lamb. Rampur cuisine is influenced by Mughlai, Awadhi, Afghani and Rajput flavours.


Here is the traditional vegetarian royal food of the Katoch dynasty popularly known as Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. Himachali Dham is a festive food prepared on auspicious occasions, festivals and weddings. However, due to the scarcity of vegetables in the cold and mountainous region, the traditional dham does not have any vegetable dishes and most of the dishes are prepared with different lentils and dairy products such as curd, ghee, buttermilk and paneer. The dishes served at a Himachali dham vary from district to district and is a treat for people who love subtle yet strong flavors with an irresistible aroma of spices.

3. Indrahar

This is one of the best kept secrets in the culinary heritage of the Rewa dynasty. Indrahar is a delicious dish from the Rewa kingdom in Madhya Pradesh. It is a traditional recipe from Bagelkhand, Madhya Pradesh, whose cuisine is popularly known as Bagheli cuisine. The dishes from this region use a lot of lentils and spinach and very little oil and spices.

The Maharaja of Rewa, Pushpraj Singh, in an interview also revealed how the food in the Rewa kingdom revolved around lentils, spinach and other products that required less water. He also revealed that this dish is served to Lord Indra, the king of the devas, to make him happy. It is also said that the dish was named after Lord Indra, which means that aahar was served to ‘Devon Ke Dev’ Lord Indra. The recipe brings together the goodness of dals and curries in one dish and turns it into a healthy treat.

4. Do More

One of the classics of the Akheraj dynasty, Hara Maas can leave any foodie drooling with its brilliant amalgamation of ingredients, showcasing the kingdom’s rich heritage. Located between the Marwar and Mewar regions, the delicacies of this dynasty are influenced by both regions. Made with spinach and other leafy greens grown in the state, hara maas is a must try.

5. Gosht Khada Masala

A traditional gem straight from the royal kitchen of the Nizams, who are well known for their brilliant combination of spices and meat, this culinary delight is a staple recipe of the Salar Jung family of the Nizams. Lamb curry cooked in the iconic Dum Pukht style where the meat is cooked without adding water, gosht khada masala is a dish you cannot miss.


This one from the kingdom of Pratapgarh and Kalakankar is an ideal comfort food even to this day. A yellow rice recipe from Awadhi cuisine, tahri is a delicious mix of aromatic spices, lentils, and vegetables that are cooked with. There are several versions of tahri that one can find. While some people add potatoes, other variations also add soy chunks, greens, onions, tomatoes, and many different spices.

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