Are fruit snacks vegan? Plus 10 Healthy Brands to Try

Whether you are a child or an adult, practically everyone can agree that fruit snacks are delicious. They’re sweet, chewy, colorful, tend to have fun shapes, and are usually travel-friendly too. Honestly, what is not to love? But, some may contain animal products. Here’s how to find the best vegan fruit snacks.

Are fruit snacks vegan?

Fruit snacks are not always vegan. Gelatin, a colorless and tasteless food additive often used in gummies, is made from animal collagen. It is obtained by boiling ligaments and bones, typically from pigs or cows. However, some food manufacturers use pectin as an alternative to gelatin. This is a type of starch obtained from fruits or vegetables. It gives jams and jellies their jittery texture and is also often used as a thickening agent in gummy-like candies and snacks.

Other than gelatin, fruit snacks are unlikely to contain animal-derived ingredients, not even red dyes, such as carmine, which is extracted from certain types of female mealybugs. Most options rely on fruit juice to add color. Some may contain carnauba wax, a common ingredient used in candy making that provides shape and structure. Don’t worry, it doesn’t come from bees. This vegetable wax is harvested from the leaves of a variety of palm that is native only to Brazil. It is also called the “Queen of Waxes” due to its many uses.

10 vegan fruit snacks to keep in your pantry

No matter what your age, these vegan fruit snacks will be a welcome addition to your shopping spree. Some are more akin to jelly beans, while others are minimally processed and based only on fruits and vegetables. These are some of our best options.


1 Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Bites

These bunny-shaped chewy fruit snacks are made from organic fruit juice and sweetened with rice syrup and cane sugar. Each pack comes with a variety of colorful gummies, made without artificial colors, in strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavors. Or try the Tropical Mix, which includes orange, mango-peach and tropical punch flavors for a burst of sunshine in your mouth.
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two YumEarth Organic Vegan Fruit Snacks

Need an allergen-friendly fruit snack? YumEarth makes these organic treats without peanuts, tree nuts, gluten or soy, but instead is based on rice syrup, organic cane sugar and fruit juice concentrate. Fruit-shaped flavors on this back include banana, strawberry, cherry, and peach. It also comes in a tropical variety pack containing a combination of Mango, Pineapple, and Razzmatazz Berry.
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3 Only Organic Fruit Gummies

Made only with whole organic fruit; vitamin C; and with no added sugar, Solely Organic Fruit Gummies are a healthier alternative to sweet snacks. The brand uses minimal ingredients, allowing the fruit’s natural flavors to shine through in tropical options like mango and orange, mango and guava, and just mango. These bite-sized treats have a soft, chewy texture with no gelatin. Plus, one bag contains the equivalent of a single serving of fruit.
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VegNews.VeganFruitSnacks.StretchIslandelastic island

4 Elastic Island Fruit Leather

The advantage of getting this fruit leather variety pack is that you can try all the flavors: cherry, apple, strawberry, apricot, grape and raspberry. Each one features a base made from applesauce plus real fruit juices. At 50 calories or less per serving, these are a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling peckish, but not enough for something to fill you up a bit more.
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5 bear fruit roll ups

Bear’s fruit roll-ups are like a healthier version of ribbon candy. Instead of being made from corn syrup, they’re made with real fruit that’s been slowly dried and then hand-rolled into the final product. Gluten and nut free, flavors include strawberry, lemon, apple, mango and raspberry.
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VegNews.VeganFruitSnacks.PurePure Organic

6 Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars

Each of the flavors in Pure Organic’s line of layered fruit bars is a combination of two complementary flavors. You have the raspberry tart lemonade, the fruity and floral strawberry banana, and the tangy pineapple passion fruit. And these chewy vegan snacks are made from an applesauce base that is topped off with fruit concentrates. We love choosing the variety pack so we don’t get stuck with just one flavor.
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7 chum fruit bites

These plant-based fruit snacks are made from baked fruit puree to remove water content, then made into small bite-sized chewy triangles—no added sugar necessary. Flavors include mango, peach, apple, blackberry and strawberry, all of which can be tried in one convenient variety pack. According to the brand, 15 percent of profits are donated to WildAid, an environmental nonprofit organization that focuses on efforts to protect and conserve wildlife.
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VegNews.VeganFruitSnacks.YouLoveyou love fruit

8 you love fruit

Described as “peel and eat fruit leather,” this fruit snack comes in the form of little dots that you can eat at your leisure to get your sugar fix. Instead of apples, these plant-based dots are made from mango along with other fruits and vegetables and with no added sugars or waxes. Flavor options include Veggie Kiwi, Cherry Mango, Apple Cinnamon, and Mango Coconut.
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VegNews.VeganFruitSnacks.Mottsby Mott

9 Mott’s Fruit Snacks

This super conventional brand is gelatin-free. Hurrah! It is made from corn syrup and a blend of real fruit juice concentrate. And it comes in a variety of flavor blends like assorted fruit, berry, and tropical fruit. We love that it is a vegan option that you can find in practically any conventional supermarket.
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VegNews.VeganFruitSnacks.BobSnailSnail Bob

10 Snail Bob Fruit Rolls

These sweet and chewy vegan fruit roll-ups are made with minimal ingredients and no added sugar. The Strawberry Mango flavor is made from only strawberries and mangoes, the Apple Blueberry flavor is made from only apples and blueberries… You get it. Great for kids and adults alike, these fruit snacks are perfect for travel, work snacks, and school lunches.
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