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Let’s face it: overspending is inevitable in Outside Lands, especially when it comes to food and drink. But knowing your hard-earned dollars are going to a San Francisco restaurateur may make festival prices easier to swallow.

It also helps that our local food scene is fantastic and incredibly diverse. Borsche dumplings and momo in a Music festival? Where else are you going to find that?

Read on for a list of local restaurants serving treats in Outside Lands 2022.

Style: Malaysian
Saucer star: Rolli, Mee Mamak
Neighborhood: sirloin

Azalina Eusope, a fifth-generation Malaysian street food vendor from Penang, blends bold Asian flavors with Californian ingredients. Ask him what is the best way to enjoy his food and he will tell you: “With your hands”. On the menu at Azalina are things like rice grasshoppers, which are nests of steamed rice noodles, coconut-stuffed sweet potato dumplings, or noodle dishes like Mee Rebus from the menu.

Style: Philippine
Saucer star: pyangyang chicken
Neighborhood: Nob Hill

With the elegance and vibrancy of Filipino culture and cuisine, Abaca offers a modern take on old familiar recipes and flavors. Dilute a traditional Filipino dish Chicken Pyanggang, which is grilled chicken served in a blackened coconut, served as a skewer instead.

Style: southern barbecue
Saucer star: BBQ ribs
Neighborhood: Mission District

BBQ Baby Blues | courtesy photo

The hearty barbecue portions are prepared in a variety of ways, from Memphis-style brisket to Texas-style ribs. This comfort food will warm you up from the inside out and give you the protein you need to keep partying for the rest of the day.

Style: Nepalese
Saucer star: Momos (Nepali street food dumplings)
Neighborhood: SOMA

What’s a music festival without delicious street food? Bini’s Kitchen is famous for Momos, a type of dumpling praised as “Nepal’s most popular street food.” Stuffed with vegetables, lamb, turkey, or tofu, momos are a to-die-for treat, especially when dipped in Bini’s signature tomato-cilantro sauce.

Style: Eastern Europe
Saucer star: borsche soup
Neighborhood: Mobile

Chilled, tart, and made with bright red beets, borsche is a delicious summer soup that will keep you energized all day. Borsche Mobile will serve this traditional Eastern European dish alongside delicious chicken and potato dumplings.

Style: indian street food
Saucer star: deconstructed samosa
Neighborhood: Throughout the Bay Area

This popular Indian street food joint serves a fusion of Latin-inspired dishes mixed with Indian spices. Their unique burritos are stuffed with chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, or braised lamb. They also offer a unique twist on traditional Indian dishes. We recommend trying items like their deconstructed samosas and naan bits.

Style: contemporary american
Saucer star: Rocky J Organic Fried Chicken Sandwich
Neighborhood: castro

Fable | courtesy photo

Fable’s commitment to using fresh, seasonal ingredients puts a vibrant spin on California cooking. Known for their salads and sandwiches, their hearty lunches, packed with fresh vegetables, rich spreads and generous protein options, are perfect for a break in the day or a lunch on the go between concerts.

Style: Italian
Saucer star: Special Nizarians
Neighborhood: Richmond, Mission, Ingleside

When you bite into a slice of pepperoni from Nizario’s Pizza, you’re actually taking in a bite of San Francisco history. This popular family-owned pizzeria opened in the Richmond neighborhood in 1983 and quickly became known for its superior dough and flavorful ingredients. Simply put, they represent “great pizza, and nothing less.”

Style: Mexican Comfort
Saucer star:
Black bean dip with homemade queso fresco

The menu of the family-owned Mexican restaurant owned and operated by chef Nick Cobarruvias and his wife Anna Sager Cobarruvias was inspired by the chef’s upbringing in Texas, where he ate foods like tamales made with fresh masa. In Otra you will discover that traditional dishes have a unique touch such as toasted cod and mushroom tacos.

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Style: latin vegan
Saucer star: Hibiscus Flower Taco
Neighborhood: hayes valley

Om Flavor | courtesy photo

Om Sabor describes itself as a “cosmic vegan flavor” and you can experience its cosmic energy with its “meat” inspired dishes like tacos and burgers while staying vegan!

Style: superfoods
Saucer star: Acai
Neighborhood: richmond marina

If you’re looking for a healthy way to recover after a great first day on the polo field, a Brazilian Acai Bowl could do the trick. The completely dairy-free menu features a variety of toppings like various fruits, seeds, and nuts to get you back in shape.

Style: New York style pizza
Saucer star: You Say Potatoes With Pesto
Neighborhood: haight

This restaurant has become a San Francisco staple, especially their You Say Potato w/ Pesto. These huge slices of pizza are topped with a big dollop of pesto sauce, red potatoes, and whole cloves of garlic, along with plenty of cheese to fill your stomach..

Style: cajun, creole
Saucer star: Fried chicken
Neighborhood: Bay View, Richmond

Knox Hard Coffee | courtesy photo

Serving Southern comfort food at its most decadent, Hard Knox’s famous fried chicken follows a classic recipe that’s not to be missed (or tried).

Style: pure sausage
Saucer star: Duroc Heritage Pork Sausage
Neighborhood: Mission

Take a link in Rosamunde and satisfy your appetite with tasty and juicy pork sausages.

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