Cooking with beer: 7 vegan recipes for beer-infused dishes

If you’re thinking we’re going to grab a drink today for National Beer Day festivities in our backyard, you’d be right. But what you may not know is that we’re stepping up our prep game by introducing seven plant-based dishes that are made with this frozen beverage. Beer has made its way onto the trending foodie scene, meaning everyone can enjoy an ice-cold libation. From strong and moist muffins and beer battered tofu tacos to chocolate brownies and beer mac and cheese, we’ve compiled a list of the tastiest beer-infused vegan dishes to whet your appetite. So, raise your glass, but don’t take a sip. Instead, enjoy cooked beer with your meal. Health!

thyme and love

1 Vegan Beer Brats

With baseball season in full swing, beer-infused brats are the perfect addition to any Beer Day celebration. Make like Thyme & Love and cook your favorite Beyond Meat brats in a dip of your favorite summer drink for a taste you won’t soon forget. Served between soft pretzel rolls and loaded with all the fixings, dress this classic up with a side of potato salad (or even baked beans!) for the ultimate meal.
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Vegan Yack Attack

two Thai BBQ Beer with Cabbage and Daikon Slaw

If you’re the kind of person who likes to experiment with your food, try these nifty sliders from cookbook author (and VegNews contributor) Jackie Sobon. Packed with beer-roasted cabbage (which involves gutting a cabbage, adding beer to it, and slowly grilling the beer-stuffed cabbage until it’s tender and infused with the goodness of hops), the sandwich’s Asian-inspired barbecue sauce, and the brilliant daikon slaw they make an amazing Mano.
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Vegan Yack Attack

3 Macaroni and cheese and beer

Another delicious culinary invention from the kitchen of Jackie Sobon, these Oktoberfest-worthy mac and cheese are comfort food at its best. The cashew-based sauce is completely stunning thanks to its luxuriously creamy texture and the added oomph of the Golden Ale. We’d smother just about anything with it, but Sobon pairs it with perfectly cooked pasta and plenty of chunks of vegan seitan sausage.
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minimalist baker

4 Chili Vegan Beer

Is it okay to drink only if you pour the beer into a pot of chili? We say yes, which is why Minimalist Baker’s one-bowl wonder is our go-to staple for nights spent curled up on the couch. Although the recipe serves eight people, we think it’s best suited for the singles lifestyle. Simple ingredients? Check. Easy preparation? Yes (less than an hour). Freezer safe? Bet! Also, the beer gives it a strong flavor and the beans give this soup substance. Serve it in a pint glass for a festive touch and enjoy your party of one.
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hot for food

5 Vegan Beer and Cheddar Dip

Beer and cheese is the harmonious adult equivalent of peanut butter and jelly, which might explain why Hot for Food created the ultimate gooey, cheesy, plant-based sauce perfect for movie night in (Seaspiracy, any?). The sauce is based on potatoes and cashews for its classic thick consistency, while beer, spices and pickled jalapeños enhance its bold and complex flavor. The sauce is poured into a bread bowl and topped with vegan cheddar cheese, green onions, and coconut bacon, so forget the accessories and start tearing this bowl apart.
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VegNews.KathyPatalskyBeer BatteredTofuTacos
healthy and happy life

6 Crispy Beer Battered Tofu Tacos

Those who say they don’t like tofu have obviously never tried Kathy Patalsky’s beer-battered creation. The blogger transforms these bland soy blocks into delicious beer-soaked bites that are simple yet satisfying when paired with pickled onions, cabbage, avocado, vegan chipotle mayonnaise, and hot sauce. Tofu is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and tastes great in a warm tortilla. We are making more to add to our salads, sandwiches and Buddha bowls.
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chocolate covered katie

7Dark Beer Chocolate Brownies

Stout is an acquired taste, but everyone can learn to love its chocolate accents, thanks to these delicious vegan brownies. Invented by healthy vegan dessert blog Chocolate Covered Katie, these innocent brownies are sweet, filled with chocolate chips and sure to be a treat. Note: Katie highly recommends letting them sit overnight in the fridge before serving, so she plans ahead and makes them the night before. We will not judge if you celebrate a day earlier by eating the dough.
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Photo Credit: Kathy Patalsky

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