Dietitian Explains the Benefits of Eating Dadima Gond Laddu After Pregnancy

Our Dadima or our grandmothers have been taking care of us since our childhood. And believe it or not, they know the secret ingredients and magic recipes to cure any problem you have that not even medications can. With love and wisdom, Indian grandmothers prepare some amazing recipes and know the best life hacks to make our lives easier. Post-pregnancy requires a lot of care and attention. Since the mother goes through physical and mental changes, it reflects on her health quickly. Her body is weak and her immune system is not so healthy after giving birth. Hence, this sensitive time calls for some quick and easy foods that can boost her energy and help the mother to recover during this postpartum phase.

All about Gond Laddus

Dried fruits and Gond Laddus have been a favorite of Indians for a long time. These sweet and tasty balls add great nutritional value to the health of the new mother. Our grandmother has always loved the benefits of gond laddus and for all the right reasons.

Gond Laddus

So dietitian Garima Goyal has studied food science to reveal the benefits of Dadima’s dried fruit and gond laddu recipe after pregnancy.

1. Provides calories to the mother

The mother has already been through a lot and is now constantly nursing her baby. It is natural for her to get tired and dizzy easily. Therefore, she needs to eat foods that provide her with energy. And gond laddus are the perfect solution for that. Made with dried fruit, raisins, sugar, ghee or clarified butter, these laddus pack a lot of energy and rejuvenate the body of new moms.

2. Relieves pain

New moms always have back pain, neck pain, joint pains, and body aches. Due to the new responsibilities and the care of a tiny human being, mothers hardly have time for exercise or physical activity to relieve these pains. But gond laddus reduces joint and muscle pain to a great extent due to its nutritional values. The calcium and iron present in these laddus are quite effective in getting rid of body aches for new moms.

Alleviate the pain

3. Boost immunity

New moms or nursing mothers need to have strong immunity to have a healthy body and protect their babies from any infection or disease. A good source of fiber and fat, gond laddus helps boost the mother’s immunity after childbirth. It’s great for keeping mommy safe from cough and cold or any other seasonal flu.

4. Helps in digestion

The intestinal system suffers a disruption after the delivery of a baby. But gond laddus are useful for treating digestion problems. Also, if a new mother is suffering from constipation, consuming gond laddus can also help with that problem.

5. Build endurance and strength

Whole wheat, nuts, and other nutritious ingredients are used to make gond laddus, which helps mothers recover quickly after childbirth. These laddus act very well as food to increase endurance and also help to gain muscle strength.

Gond laddus is a perfect snack to eat after delivery and its amazing benefits make it even more delicious.

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