Eloise Head on mindful eating and her best advice for a healthier lifestyle

Nearly two million people flock to Eloise Head’s Fitwaffle Instagram page for daily baking inspiration and guilt-free recipes. The 28-year-old foodie has also recently launched a sunday time best selling book, Fitwaffle’s Baking It Easy, which has risen to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list. We sat down with the wellness expert to discuss mindful eating, the dangers of diet culture, and the importance of a relaxation routine.

What makes your approach to wellness different from other creators in the space?

“My approach to wellness is all about balance and moderation when it comes to food. I understand how diet culture can affect people mentally, as it did for me a long time ago. So I’m pretty aware of that. Years ago, I was afraid of foods that I basically thought were bad for me and I restricted many foods from my diet, leading to a very poor relationship with food for quite a few years. So now I try to spread the message that you can enjoy all foods in moderation and still live a very happy and healthy life.”

His account really took off at the height of COVID. Have many of those followers stayed since then?

“Yes absolutely. I think there are a couple of reasons why it grew so fast at the start of COVID and the start of the lockdown. At this point I basically went from posting mostly restaurant food to posting my own recipes online. This was a big change in the style of content that I was producing. And I really thought that I was providing more value through this type of content, especially when the restaurants had closed and everyone was home, they needed something to do and that’s exactly what I was toasting. Everyone was at home and on social media, so I think there were a lot more eyes on my content anyway. And cooking and baking was very popular at the time. So I think the two just went hand in hand.” .

If there was one change you could recommend to readers for a healthier lifestyle, what would it be?

“My advice would be a little more focused on wellness. It would be going out without social networks and going for a walk or just doing some kind of exercise every day if you can. I think just getting out and about in your own house and your own head can be very beneficial.”

Without promoting the idea of ​​weight loss, what are some of the foods you normally cook or bake with a lot that naturally lead to a healthier lifestyle?

“I don’t really recommend any specific foods for weight loss, because I try not to put any kind of moral value on food, or put some foods on a pedestal and demonize others, for example. But if I had to generalize, I’d say that what I’ve found really helpful in keeping me full is having protein at every meal, so that’s something I try to do, and I find that it helps keep my blood sugar level up and it also helps me to continue feeling full and satiated. I also try to eat low-calorie foods, so things like vegetables and berries are very low in calories, but they make you feel fuller.”

What is a typical day in your life and what do you usually eat throughout the day?

“Usually I would get up, get dressed, do my makeup, and then go to the store if I needed any ingredients for the day. Then I would start baking as soon as possible to make sure I was ahead of the curve. When I start to feel hungry, this can vary, but it can be around 10 or 11, which is when I eat breakfast. And I usually have something like Greek yogurt, which is high in protein, I have some fruit with that, and maybe a little honey on top. I don’t tend to eat a lot for breakfast, I tend to find that my meals increase throughout the day.

Then I’ll bake all afternoon and do my social media content. Usually as a snack of whatever I’m baking for the day before I have lunch, which is usually something really quick and easy because I’ve been baking in the kitchen cooking pretty much all day. I usually just eat some type of vegetable with a protein filler, maybe a salad. Then I’ll post to all my social media accounts and have a snack if I’m hungry before I hit the gym. So something like a protein bar, or something with protein or fruit or something.

Then I go to the gym, usually I train with weights for about an hour to an hour and a half. I come home and have dinner, which is usually a source of protein like chicken or fish and a carbohydrate, which could be something like potato or rice, and then some type of vegetable like peas or carrots. At the end of the night, I really like to have something sweet. So I could have some of what I’ve been baking throughout the day, or I could have a little ice cream or a couple of chocolate chunks or something just to cut my sweet tooth. And then in the evening I continue most of the time editing or working on my computer if necessary.”

How you relax?

“It’s something I struggle with, to be honest. I think because social media is so seamless, it’s very hard to put my phone down and not work because it’s so convenient when I’ve been working directly from my phone to just not turn it off and keep working. So what I try to do if I can, is sit in front of the TV and watch an hour of TV or something. Or even go for a night walk with my fiancé. So sometimes we just go out and go for a brisk 10-20 minute walk. And I actually think that really helps and allows me to switch off and switch off my brain before I go to bed.”

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