Enjoy your monsoon tea with these 5 healthy pakoras (recipes inside)

With the monsoon in full swing, it’s time to break out some staples for the season. Chai-pakora remains the all-time favorite. The rains are enough to awaken the craving for this delicious combination. While this late-night snack has few to no enemies, there’s no denying that fried foods, when eaten too often, can wreak havoc on both your health and your waistline. This season, happily enjoy a plate of pakoras with a simple twist: Instead of frying, consider baking or air-frying the delicious snack. You may think that fried food tastes better only when deep fried, but this is not true for pakoras.

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Another way to put a healthy twist on the favorite snack of Indian households is to replace the onions and potatoes with some greens and other nutritious ingredients. We agree that there can be nothing better than dipping onion pakoras in green chutney and savoring the flavor with a hot cup of tea. But try these recipes where we’ve used green vegetables like spinach or protein-packed chicken. Not forgetting the ready-to-use recipe for flower pakoras.

1) Pakora Palace

Getting your kids to eat spinach is quite a task for parents. Here is a substitute for your child to eat healthy spinach. Palak pakoras are delicious fritters made with spinach leaves, chickpea flour and spices. This is a great way to put a delicious twist on boring spinach.


2) Chicken Pakora

Craving popcorn chicken or fried chicken pieces, walk into your kitchen and follow this recipe to make delicious chicken pakoras. Chicken pakoras with a crispy golden coating and soft, juicy chicken inside are a delight.

3) Flower Pakora

Moringa flower, zucchini and kachnar topped with a spicy besan batter, deep fried, will result in a healthy and delicious pakora dish. Once fried, serve it with a sprinkle of chaat masala and your favorite sauces.

4) Vegetable Pakora

A mixture of fresh vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onions and peppers joined with a spicy batter and fried will give you everything delicious. Mix with chat masala, serve the vegetable pakoras with mint chutney.


5) Cauliflower Pakora

In this recipe the cauliflowers will be accompanied by cashews to give you some delicious and nutritious pakoras. A balance between sweet and salty at its best. Bring out these delicious treats during tea time.

You can also use vegetables like sweet potatoes, broccoli, and asparagus to make healthy pakoras. Pass them through a spicy batter and fry until golden brown.

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