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They may sound like an American hip hop group from the 1980s, but flavor drops are big business, with the likes of Myprotein, Bulk and Holland and Barrett now producing their own ranges.

But what are flavor drops really? They are healthy? How are they used? Is there any danger?

What are flavor drops?

Flavor Drops are water-soluble flavorings designed to add specific flavors (depending on the flavor drop you choose) to beverages or foods.

Most flavor drops contain little or no sugar, fat, or calories, making them a popular choice among those following certain diets, counting their macros, or working toward a specific weight loss, fitness, or fitness goal. muscle development.

Why would I need flavor drops?

Why would anyone need to add flavor drops to their drinks or food? Keep reading.

You’re trying to lose weight and want to cut calories…

We are not big advocates of following strict and restrictive diets. It is much better to stick to a manageable and complete diet that allows you to eat well and manage your weight as you see fit. However, for those looking to lose weight safely and efficiently, excess calories are sure to slow down your progress.

Take your morning coffee, for example. Lattes, cappuccinos, and everything in between are loaded with hundreds of “empty” calories that do little to stimulate the body or mind. However, turning black is difficult to digest, and for many, the taste is too extreme. Instead of giving up your travel mug of coffee, you can always add a splash of almond milk to your cup with a flavor drop of your choice. Fan of toffee in your coffee? There’s a drop of flavor to that.

Your diet is boring you and you want to reduce sugar…

Now, we’re not saying that apple-flavored drops added to your chicken and rice will work, but what about your protein breakfast pancakes? Or your yogurt and granola at lunch? Yogurt is a great source of protein and an ideal snack to help you hit your macros. But many are high in calories. Why not opt ​​for a low fat product and add the flavor of your choice?

As for pancakes, who doesn’t love them sprinkled with chocolate chips or drizzled with honey? But that sugar adds up quickly. Adding a couple of chocolate-flavored drops to the mix will help hit that much-needed fix while keeping your S levels where they should be.

Your protein shake needs an update…

Protein shakes can sometimes feel like a drag (even worse if you haven’t properly cleaned them from the day before).

We all have our favorite protein brands, the ones that are according to our stomach, our protein shaker and our dishwasher, but many times we have to compromise on the taste. With flavor drops, you can add your preferred flavor to your brand’s more neutral flavor, making those post-workout drinks a little easier. You can also mix it. Do you enjoy chocolate banana smoothies? Take your chocolate whey protein and add a couple drops of banana flavor.

How to use the flavor drops

The use of flavor drops is highly dependent on personal preference. Myprotein, for example, recommends adding seven to 10 drops to your desired food or drink, but adjust to taste. In bulk, on the other hand, for a 200 ml liquid, we recommend dosing 10-20 drops.

One thing we would say, don’t put in too much and start slowly. And it’s probably best not to drink from the bottle.

Are flavor drops dangerous?

There are very few peer-reviewed scientific studies on flavored water drops, but it is widely accepted that flavored drops are not harmful to health.

Top 10 Flavor Drops in 2022

Myprotein FlavDrops



Stevio® Liquid Stevia Drops



Modern Nature Stevia Sweetener

modern nature


Bulk LiquiFlav Flavor Drops

Modern Nature Stevia Sweetener

modern nature


Teisseire Gourmet Drops – Sugar Free Coffee Syrup – Zero Calories, No Carbs – Vegan – Caramel – 20 Servings Per Pack, 6 Packs 200779



Sweetleaf Water Drops Mixed Berries 48ml

Sweetleaf Water Drops Mixed Berries 48ml


Flavo Drops Applied Nutrition Pack

Applied Nutrition


Huge 30ml bottles of super concentrated liquid food flavor



Aarke flavor drops



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