Exercise and a healthy diet are still important

It hasn’t been that long since I got engaged. My weight had been increasing for several years. He was at an age where one becomes more aware of how being overweight has an adverse effect on one’s health. It was by far the heaviest he had ever owned. And in turn, he was not in the best physical condition.

He was serious about the engagement. Of course, a change of diet was essential. I turned to healthier options and smaller portions. Exercise was of paramount importance. I would get out of the sack at dawn and embark on a regular hike or bike ride.

My efforts did not go unrewarded. I shed an excess of 60lbs. With this transition came a noticeable drop in blood pressure and a significantly slower heart rate. She had much more energy than she had experienced in several years.

However, I finally fell off the train. The occasional cheat days became more consistent, until I no longer even considered the quality or quantity of food I was putting into my system. I became lazy and exercise was no longer a priority.

These habit changes were far from healthy. In fact, they were the exact recipe for the lifestyle she had worked so hard to overcome.

The kilos began to accumulate slowly. And with this weight gain came the same issues and worries that she had experienced prior to the aforementioned engagement.

But there were still a couple of new problems. A previous knee injury had reared its ugly head. I was getting old too. And as we all know, losing weight becomes more of a challenge every year.

However, I am not one of those who allow the norm to dictate my actions or decisions. That said, I recently made another commitment. Although not 100%, my knee was significantly better. He was far from being able to exercise. In fact, he was still quite active. But what would life be like in five years? That, in my mind, was the most important question of all. Obviously it was time to drop my keister and get back in shape.

Of course, my eating habits had to be addressed. Fortunately, I have always been a fan of oatmeal. And there are other healthy breakfast options that I like too.

Of course, the low-calorie and healthy lunch options are many. And so far, I’ve consumed my fair share of tuna and turkey. As for French fries, there are healthy alternatives. And the fruit will suffice when you have a sweet tooth.

Dinner is the most anticipated meal of the day, as it promises more variety. Most of these meals will revolve around fish, shellfish, or poultry. But grilled beef and pork will also hit the table from time to time.

I’m fine with steamed vegetables, and it’s practically un-American that you don’t like salad. And while it’s pretty high in calories, I’m certainly all for reasonable servings of beans and potatoes.

Okay, food hasn’t been a big deal, so far. But what about the constant exercise regiment? Well, I personally find exercise much less challenging than consistently eating healthy foods.

I have been cycling regularly for the last three weeks. However, my performance has been somewhat disappointing in light of the fact that 50- and 60-mile runs weren’t out of the question just a few years ago.

But that’s okay, since I know I’m on the right track. And I’m also sure that the trips to the top of the Tower and the West Mountains are only a few weeks away.

Yes, I am already considering a 30 mile trip during the month of September. And I am certainly anticipating my weight loss before the end of the year. But I’m also very aware that I’m not getting any younger. And getting back in shape is obviously not going to be any easier.

Hence the reason why it is essential to maintain the commitment to exercise and eat well for years to come.

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