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Pastor Janet Krantz, left, and volunteer Janet Hazzard.



Top photo: Perry Hill UMC members with RSUMC Pastor Janet Krantz during her visit last week to learn about the program.

Last week, a group of members from Montgomery’s Perry Hill United Methodist Church visited the Robinson Springs UMC in Millbrook.

There was a lot of activity, lots of cooking, and knowledge was shared about RSUMC’s experience over the past four years with its Loaves and Fishes program.

Perry Hill is looking to create a similar program, and members came out for a cooking day with RSUMC members who reviewed the program in Millbrook.

Janet Krantz is the pastor of RSUMC.

“We started Loaves & Fishes in October 2018 as a ministry with and for the community of Millbrook and West Elmore County,” said Krantz. “We haven’t missed a week from the start.”

This is a great success story, particularly considering the complications that have arisen from the COVID pandemic. Krantz credits the faithfulness and perseverance of the volunteers who make it all happen.

The meal program offers five free home-cooked frozen meals for added convenience.

Krantz said a team of volunteers from area churches and the community provide prepared meals and/or financial support. All donations are designated for Loaves and Fishes only. People who are homebound, have limited mobility, or simply cannot cook healthy meals for themselves are eligible to receive meals each week. Currently, the Millbrook program serves 16 people.

Krantz said the program at Millbrook began at RSUMC, but the inspiration came from the Gillespie Senior Center in Prattville.

“Now the Perry Hill WBU in Montgomery is looking for a similar ministry! Creatively loving others through good food is contagious!” Krantz said.

Beyond the basics of nutritious meals is the beauty of the relationships that are formed through this program, he added. “Our volunteers have become so close in their time together. The people who distribute meals on Mondays are the face of the ministry as recipients are served. Prayers and good conversations happen when people drive in for their weekly meals.”

Krantz said the volunteers and organizers are grateful for the loving support of so many people in making this ministry happen week after week.

If anyone would like to refer someone for this assistance or would like to volunteer, please call the church office at 334-285-2488. If anyone wishes to financially support the ministry, checks can be made payable to Robinson Springs Church and noted “Loaves & Fishes”.

Last week, Janet Hazzard, a volunteer cook, showed the EAN a very large folder filled with delicious recipes. These are tried and true meals that freeze well and are nutritious to boot.

As the Perry Hill UMC team was packing up to leave, they thanked everyone for their help and guidance.

“You all have this as a well-oiled machine,” said one visitor. “We are very grateful for sharing your knowledge.”

And so it continues, as the program continues to grow in our area thanks to the amazing volunteers, area churches, and especially the donations to keep the programs running smoothly. Please consider making a donation to a program in your area.

Volunteers provide five meals a week for those in need in the Millbrook area. Upstairs, Perry Hill UMC members joined RSUMC volunteers as meals were prepared and knowledge was shared. (Photo by Janet Krantz)

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