Healthy and fun food in chef workshops for children in Marbella

This morning 150 children enjoyed a delicious day together with 31 of the most renowned chefs in the country to go out to the kitchen to have fun and learn to eat healthy in the fourth edition of Chef for Kids. In total, 120 students from seven schools in Marbella (Hermanos Gil Muñiz, Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Valdeoletas, Platero, Zarblanca, Miguel de Cervantes and Francisco Acamendi) and 30 students from the Down Spain Association, who have started businesses in the gardens. The dishes at Hotel Los Monteros are delicious as well as nutritious.

Free-range chicken pintxos with tartlets, pesto and potatoes seasoned to taste, tomato and cheese skewers, couscous couscous and citrus salad or the Iberian sandwich with Domi Vélez bread, recently named best baker in the world It was in the recipe book of the day. ,

Professor José Carlos Orozco from CEIP Miguel de Cervantes explained that among his students “it is increasingly noticeable that food is changing and children are more involved and help their fathers and mothers.” Precisely this change in trend among the youngest was highlighted by the iconic Martín Berasategui: “they are a thousand times wiser than those of our time,” says the chef with the most Michelin stars in the country who participates in these programs every year. Trips « This is the nicest thing you can do: make these young people happy. We have business but they have freshness”, he assures. “You approach the kids and they infect you, they transmit you, they excite you. If they see each other, there is no one who does not have sharp eyesight and you have to teach them the path of passion and have a good time, ”he insisted.

The gardens of the Hotel Los Monteros were filled with laughter, questions and explanations. “You have to grate the skin of the lemon, being careful not to leave the white part because it has a very bitter taste. If you try it, you will see it”, Begoña Rodrigo insinuated to the group of his Dia students who struggled with couscous and citrus salad. With that, Gail from Nuestra Señora del Carmen said that “we are learning many things”, speaking of her favorite avocado: “the eggplant lasagna that my father makes”.

A magical day that united gastronomy and cohesion and that began with a presentation ceremony, chaired by the mayor of Marbella, Ángel Muoz, who highlighted the importance of cuisine for the city. “We want Marbella to be recognized for its gastronomy”, said the alderman in his speech.

This fourth edition of Chefs for Kids was attended by 31 great chefs and will end tonight with a solidarity party, the proceeds of which will go to Down Spain, exclusively for the Play Down project that will be launched in Malaga and aims to promote the education and integration of children with Down syndrome, a task in which the association has been working for more than three decades.

An integration that could be verified during the workshops since the children shared a table preparing simple recipes without prejudice and with a single purpose: to have fun. “The experience has been incredible. They get a little out of the routine and all the obligations throughout the year”, explains Luca’s mother, Daniela, one of the little ones with Down syndrome, very aware of healthy eating. “Thanks to his father, he eats everything,” admitted Daniela. “He loves vegetables and fruits and he associates everything with being as strong as his father,” she smiles.

The inevitable blurriness in the preparation of the dishes, even more so with the complicity of the chef, who did not hesitate to use bottles full of syrup. Finally, in a meeting jacket full of salsa and laughter that “makes integration a reality and fulfills what it promises,” said Canco Rodríguez, who was fascinated by the atmosphere that could be experienced. And on Monday night he will be the master of ceremony at the solidarity gala dinner.

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