Ingredion targets health, salt and sugar reduction, enhanced protein and plant power

BakeryandSnacks caught up with Tanya DeCastro, Technical Account Manager for Bakery, Snacks and Confectionery, to find out how the company can help produce in today’s challenging environment.

DeCastro said that Snackex had always been on the company’s radar and presented an opportunity to showcase its realigned portfolio that focuses on taste, texture and nutrition.

Post-COVID Climate

“We need to show our peers and also technology producers what we can do for them,”she said

“I think the pandemic has completely changed everyone and [we’re reducing] the number of regular meals we are eating [in favour of] snack opportunities. I think today consumers snack two or three times a day, whereas in earlier times, it could have been as an eleventh hour or an afternoon tea-type snack.”

Janin Zippel, Strategic Marketing Manager, Bakery, Snacks and Confectionary, EMEA, added: “EMEA is the world’s largest snack market and is projected to achieve 6% annual growth between 2021 and 2026. [according to Euromonitor].

“Coupled with a growing consumer appetite for healthier snacks, with up to 50% of European consumers looking for healthier snacks all or most of the time. [Mintel] In the current post-Covid climate, this presents a significant opportunity for snack food manufacturers to take advantage of this developing market.”

Aligned with growing consumer demand for discerning snacks, the company showcased its latest ingredient innovations to help producers develop low-sugar, low-salt, protein-enriched, high-fiber snacks that deliver the same high-fiber snack experience. consumption than traditional snacks.

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