Jello Skin Care TikTok trendsetter wants you to be kind to your skin

It is soft to the touch, plump with a slight movement, and taut: it is jelly skin. Coined by beauty enthusiast and content creator Ava Lee, jelly skin is a trend taking over TikTok feeds for a surprising reason. Instead of highlighting a flashy new technique like the Douyin Blush Trend, or jaw-dropping before-and-afters like those caused by SkinTok’s new favorite ingredient tretinoin, this viral skincare TikTok trend focuses on the wellness. TikTok has had some wild years when it comes to viral skincare moments, but unlike creating glass skin or icing skin, jelly skin is relatively low-key and health-focused. internal and general well-being. In other words, you can’t get jelly skin by slapping $30 glitter on your face.

According to Lee, who goes by @glowwithava on TikTok, both glass skin and glass skin focus on external factors and the use of makeup and glow-enhancing products. Jelly skin, on the other hand, is about how your skin looks and feels, and it can only be achieved by taking a holistic approach to your beauty routine. “By definition, jelly skin is skin that is so stretchy that when you move it, it bounces back like jelly,” Lee tells Elite Daily. “But it’s much more than texture. It is a whole lifestyle that focuses on internal well-being and external skin care.”

What is jelly skin?

Lee coined the term “jelly skin” and started the TikTok sensation after celebrity facialist Lord Gavin praised the amount of collagen he had in his cheeks, comparing the plumpness to that of jelly. Collagen is essential for plump skin because it gives it the strength and elasticity it needs for skin cells to adhere to one another. “It’s what’s going to prevent the sagging we all see as we age,” explains Lee. Beyond boosting collagen, “jelly skin is about eating your greens, but not restricting yourself from a croissant. It’s all about moving your muscles, I’m not a big yoga person but I love face yoga or relying on my face tools. And it’s about being patient,” she says.

If that seems like a lot to take in, don’t worry. Her comparison between her own skin bouncing and the famous rippling snack inspired her to devise an acronym that breaks down the approach she uses to gelatinous skin.

  • ‘J’ stands for journey “since it is not an overnight change”.
  • ‘E’ stands for “eat balanced meals.”
  • The first ‘L’ stands for “lifestyle, not just skincare.”
  • The second ‘L’ stands for ‘laughter’, “to encourage you to move your facial muscles”.
  • ‘O’ means “old is not bad”. She ages gracefully with smooth skin.”

How do you get jelly skin?

Lee suggests incorporating an overall balanced lifestyle filled with nutritious foods and self-care if you want collagen-rich, jelly-like skin. Specifically, he recommends using the aforementioned second ‘L’ laugh, fingers or beauty tools to move facial muscles, eating healthy foods including healthy fats, antioxidants, and superfoods, drinking plenty of tea, and exercising. If you’re not sure where to start, take a page from Lee’s Jello Skin Recipe Book. She says that jello skin starts in the kitchen.

Lee grew up in China and Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, is a big influence on her current skin-jelly routine. “The root of traditional Chinese medicine is that food is medicine and the internal nutrition will reflect on the external,” says Lee. “TCM believes that the skin is closely linked to its organs such as the intestine and the heart, so [eating] gut-friendly, anti-inflammatory is crucial.” Berries, cranberry powder and goji berries, key ingredients in a traditional Chinese medicine lifestyle, are all antioxidant-rich foods that Lee enjoys. He also shared recipes for a mango yogurt breakfast and raspberry avocado smoothie that are both skin-approved with Jello.

Facial massage is another important step in achieving jelly-like skin, as it helps stimulate circulation and tighten the face. It even kickstarts the lymphatic drainage process to flush out toxins, relax facial muscles, and stimulate collagen production for a fresh glow. While she can use her fingers only for facial massage, Lee prefers to use beauty tools, including this gua sha tool from Amazon and this REFA Carat Face Roller. For Lee, beauty tools are “like an extension of my fingers to guide my facial massages and make my life easier,” she says. “They’re also great for when I’m on the go. Not all of us can get fancy facials, so the best thing I can do is use a gua sha. [tool] or face roller while you watch TV and relax.” For those who don’t mind using their hands for facial massage, Ava has posted a facial massage routine that requires no tools.

What are good skin care products for jelly skin?

For skin care products, Lee looks for products that simultaneously leave a healthy glow and protect the skin’s barrier. “I think double or triple cleansing is very important to make sure your skin is always clean while maintaining a healthy skin barrier,” she says. “Another thing is to always use your sunscreen and reapply every three hours if you can.”

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Ava Lee Jello Skin Care Products

At night, Lee reaches for both cleansing balms and oils, like Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm and Hanskin Pore Cleansing Oil, followed with Rovectin Hypoallergenic Face Wash or Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser before applying a serum and moisturizer. And when he reapplies sunscreen, Lee enjoys Korean sunscreens, powder sunscreens and even stick sunscreens, especially the AHC Double Shield Sun Stick. But what is the key component to achieving jelly skin? Giving you, your body and your skin lots of love.

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