Natalie Cassidy Weight Loss: How the Eastenders Star Lost 42 Pounds – Healthy Diet and Exercise

Natalie Cassidy overhauled her health in recent years by cutting out certain “fish” foods and upping her exercise regimen to lose 42 pounds. The Eastenders actress previously told Daily Express Saturday magazine that she “has given up takeout.”

He also eliminated other fattening foods from his diet that many people may enjoy as a snack.

In order to adopt a healthier diet, the 39-year-old said she had cut out “cheese, chips and dip”, which she previously said were her “bane”.

Natalie instead began to focus on eating more home-cooked meals.

Often sharing recipes on her Instagram, Natalie previously posted a photo holding a bowl of healthy stuffed peppers that she made herself.

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She said: “I’m not a chef, I don’t claim to be a brilliant cook and I won’t be on Masterchef (although I would love to!) but I love to cook. I love cookbooks and cookery shows.”

The mother of two also decided to quickly cut back on her alcohol intake.

Alcohol is an easy way to gain weight, according to the NHS, because of the liquid calories.

The NHS Live Well advice says: “Drinking four bottles of wine a month adds up to an annual consumption of around 27,000 kcal, which is equivalent to eating 48 Big Macs a year.

“Drinking five pints of lager each week adds up to 44,200 kcal for a year, which is equivalent to eating 221 doughnuts.”

Natalie said she had cut down on her alcohol intake to lose weight and only drank white wine in moderation.

However, it wasn’t just changing her diet that helped Natalie achieve her weight loss goals.

He also started running, which was part of his training for the London Marathon in 2019.

She ran 18 miles in just one day of her training, which helped her burn a massive amount of calories.

The actress also shared how being part of a running group helped her stay on track.

Speaking on the RunPod podcast, the actress said: “All of a sudden we’ve become this little team of people and we’re so close, we have WhatsApp groups and we go out together and post our runs and that motivates us. ”

Running is a form of exercise recommended by the NHS.

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According to the NHS: “Running and aerobic exercises to help you move and improve your fitness.”

The health service offers its own ‘NHS Couch to 5k’ app which helps people gradually work up to a 5k run in just nine weeks.

The plan contemplates three races a week, with a rest day between them, and a different schedule for each of the nine weeks.

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