New plant-based popup to open in Bicester

A popular plant-based restaurant has launched a new pop-up offering its food fresh and healthy.

Holy Carrot, the vegan restaurant located in Knightsbridge, has announced the opening of its new pop-up in Bicester Village.

The restaurant’s culinary caravan will be at the shopping destination beginning Friday, July 29 for six months, serving its famous dishes to guests visiting Bicester Village.

Visitors can head to the pop-up window for a plant-based breakfast or just for a tea, coffee, squeezed juice or smoothie.

Holy Carrot’s menu also includes a variety of healthy lunches and snacks.

The vegan spot claims to use ethically sourced seasonal produce, prepared in a conscientious way.

All dishes are free from preservatives, refined sugar, gluten, additives and are spearheaded by seasonal British organic produce.

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Some of the highlights of the chosen menu include an overnight pot of birch, plant-based and sugar-free morning cakes, caramel miso mousse, Caesar and katsu wraps, and an abundance of vegan burgers.

Holy Carrot founder Irina Linovich said: “We are very excited to bring Holy Carrot to Bicester Village and share our passion for healthy plant-based dishes.

“With our globally inspired menu, we hope visitors will join us and explore the delicious possibilities of plant-based food.”

At its London location, Holy Carrot offers private dining, outside catering, home delivery and a range of sugar-free cocktails.

This story was written by Matthew Norman, he joined the team in 2022 as a Facebook Community Reporter.

Matthew covers Bicester and focuses on finding stories from diverse communities.

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