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What’s for dinner? New Healthy Cookbooks at the Peter White Public Library

“The 30-Day Solution to Alzheimer’s: The Definitive Diet and Lifestyle Guide to Prevent Cognitive Decline”


Authors Dead Sherazai, MD, PhD, and Ayesha Sherzai, MD, MAS are experts in the fields of neurology and preventive medicine. This is his second book on Alzheimer’s and it serves as a 30-day guide to building cognitive ability. The NEURO Plan details nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and cognitive exercises to help build cognitive resilience. Focusing on NEURO 9 foods, the authors detail the nine food groups you should eat every day and the number of servings to consume from each. This book advocates a vegan diet that focuses on home-cooked meals with basic ingredients. The recipes are simple and tasty!

“Buddha Bowls: For Vegans, Vegetarians and Pescatarians”

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This book is packed with 50 meatless recipes for quick and easy bowls that cover every meal of the day. Buddha Bowls are one-bowl meals that include a few basic components. Each recipe includes a grain, toppings, and sauce. From breakfast bowls to Gado Gado, this book is packed with clear recipes and colorful photos. Use this book as a starting point to create your own favorite bowl recipes!

“The Perennial Kitchen: Simple Recipes for a Healthy Future”

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Author Beth Dooley’s newest cookbook is a nod to local food and a reminder to pay attention to where our food comes from. The recipes in this book are vegetable based, but do not strictly adhere to any dietary restrictions. Instead, the author advocates cooking with quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and indigenous people. This book includes recipes that use basic ingredients, from crackers to meatloaf, a handful of ferments and preserves are also included. Since the author lives in Minnesota, most of what she describes as locally available carries over to the climate and growing conditions of the Upper Peninsula.

“Together: Memorable Dining Made Simple”

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Together is Jamie Oliver’s post-pandemic cookbook that encourages us to cook for each other and make connections. Recipes are sorted by gathering type, rather than category. The author provides us with 18 gatherings including: Brunch Party, Curry Night, Garden Lunch, Picnic Love, and Celebration Roast. Each entree includes a main course and sides, many also include dessert and a drink. The recipes are simple and include common ingredients. Perhaps the best part of this book is the photos. This book goes beyond photos of the food itself and is filled with photo collages of Jamie’s family and friends enjoying shared meals.

by Andrea Ingmir

library director

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