Oakdale, Oberlin and Reeves students to get free meals – American Press

Students enrolled in Oakdale, Oberlin, and Reeves schools will receive free breakfast and lunch for the upcoming school year.

Allen Parish School Child Nutrition Programs Supervisor April Fruge said nearly 1,800 students in the three communities will have the opportunity to eat free, healthy meals, regardless of family income, as part of the Eligibility Program program. community (CEP).

“The Community Eligibility Program, or CEP, is a federal program that allows free meals based on the percentage of households in a community that receive SNAP benefits,” Fruge said.

Parents of students enrolled in the three community schools will not need to apply for the free meal program.

“This is definitely an added benefit for these schools because studentsKids can eat a healthy meal — breakfast and lunch,” he said, adding that students who eat healthy meals tend to do better in school both academically and athletically.

The School Board will receive federal reimbursement to cover the cost of meals at participating schools.

Approximately 2,000 students at all other Allen Parish schools in Elizabeth, Fairview, and Kindergarten will be eligible for free, reduced-price, or full-price meals based on income level.

Parents of students at Elizabeth High, Fairview High, Kinder Elementary, Kinder Middle and Kinder High Schools must submit an application for free or reduced-price meals by September 23. Applications are available at schools and online at the Allen Parish School Board website at www. allen.k12.la.us uUnder the cafeteria tab at the top of the page.

Applications are accepted throughout the school year if household income changes.

Fruge said food service employees are preparing for the new school year that begins Aug. 12.

“We have some new equipment and appliances and every coffee shop has had some kind of upgrade in the last few years,” he said.

For the first time in four years, school cafeterias will be operating at 100 percent capacity without COVID-19 restrictions and all storm-damaged repairs and construction have been completed.

“All of our students will return to the cafeteria with no restrictions,” Fruge said.

Menus will also return to “made from scratch” items, which are better for students and more cost-effective, he said. New items have also been added to the menus.

Menu items changed during the COVID-19 pandemic to accommodate students who had to eat outside of the cafeteria.

Menus along with product information and cafeteria highlights can be found on the new Allen Parish School Nutrition Facebook page. Menus are also available on the School Board website.

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