Pupils at Blaenau Gwent School enjoy a fun and food program

The popular Food and Fun scheme is running at two Blaenau Gwent schools this summer, giving children and young people a chance to socialise; stay active and enjoy healthy and nutritious meals.

Food and Fun is a school program funded by the Welsh Government and coordinated by the Local Government Association of Wales. The schemes are then delivered locally by the Local Authority; school staff and a variety of local partners and organizations to provide a fun social environment during the summer school break. About 140 students are participating in the program this year.

The Council’s People & Education Executive Member, Councilor Sue Edmunds and Place & Environment Deputy Leader and Executive Member, visited one of the schools, Willowtown Primary in Ebbw Vale, to see what it’s all about. They participated in bug hunts and arts and crafts, while watching and listening to all that the children were doing.

Staff from participating schools are leading the programme, with the full support of the City Council for the restoration and cleanup. Children are provided with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and nutritious snacks as part of the day.

Children are taught how to cook basic healthy meals, while learning about the nutritional benefits of eating healthier and being more physically active, in a child-friendly environment that allows them to interact socially in a fun and relaxed environment.

A group of Ukrainian children, who recently settled in the new reception center for refugees in Ebbw Vale, were also invited to the Willowtown scheme, and the staff used a special app to communicate that they have been able to participate in all the activities.

Councilor Sue Edmunds, Executive Member of People & Education, says:

“I was delighted to visit ‘Food and Fun’ in Willowtown today and see firsthand how the program is helping keep children and youth happy, healthy and active during the summer break. Events in recent years have seen a much greater emphasis placed on the physical and mental well-being of our students, and the undeniable link this has to improved academic performance and future prospects. Parents and siblings are also invited to attend once a week, allowing staff to interact with families to teach new skills such as cooking, improve their own health and wellness, and provide vital support to families during the holidays. schoolchildren.

“As a Council, the well-being of people of all ages in Blaenau Gwent is a priority and will form a large part of our plans going forward. I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible and I hope you all had a great time!

Councilor Helen Cunningham, Executive Member of Place & Environment added:

“The Food & Fun scheme is always very well received by families here in Blaenau Gwent, but I think this year especially with the current cost of living crisis and the financial pressures of looking after the children and keeping them entertained during the holidays. During school holidays, some families may have difficulty affording or accessing food that provides a healthy and balanced diet. Some children also experience the social isolation and lack of intellectual stimulation often provided by school or family enrichment activities, and this can contribute to widening the achievement gap.

“There are many benefits to delivering food and fun in Blaenau Gwent and across Wales, the scheme encourages children to be more active over the summer, teaches them to make healthier choices around food and drink, so Therefore, it improves the diet and well-being of children. .”

The other school participating in the plan is Abertillery Learning Community. This year’s activities have included Eco Educational; a variety of sports; Cooking Together Lessons for all students and parents; taekwondo; Drama; Arts and Dance.

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