Richard Blais wants you to savor the summer…and drink Mount Gay rum

Before summer is over, Richard Blais wants you to stop and savor summer. And he might drink a nice rum while he cooks a nice meal.

East The best chef and the acclaimed restaurateur began his partnership with the Mount Gay Rum and Cocktail Courrier to curate a limited edition $112 tasting kit. The “Mount Gay Rum Summer Taste Essentials” kit invites people to taste the summer before it ends. The kit itself has proven to be so popular

“I am very excited to join Mount Gay Rum in encouraging consumers to explore and savor the flavors of summer and celebrate the moments that are worth taking time out,” says Blais, who was approached by the rum brand about associate. “I’m excited to be a part of the brand’s new ‘Make Time for Taste’ digital branding platform to showcase all the ways to enjoy elevated summer moments.”

Both the brand and Blais himself “put flavor front and center,” he says, and he was particularly excited to create the kit with the brand, collaborating on ways to experiment with rum and flavor for a series of content, social and a tangible cocktail. kit for “fans and mixologists to enjoy new ways to experience and taste rum”.

The kit itself, in addition to the Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, contains glasses, pineapple syrup (equal parts pineapple chunks and simple syrup, pureed then strained), angostura bitters, two Williams Sonoma seasonings (This is Everything and All Things Meat), two glasses, dried pineapples and lemons – basically everything you need to pair a rum barbecue.

What Blais says he hoped the kit would accomplish is prove the versatility of rum in pairing. “The goal of this kit and our partnership is to dispel common misconceptions about rum and highlight all the ways cocktail enthusiasts can enjoy the spotlight,” says Blais. “I wanted consumers to experience and discover how Mount Gay Rum develops its unique flavor through a savory cocktail recipe, Good Old Pine, and grill pairings.”

Good Old Pine, the cocktail that Blais developed, consists of rum, pineapple syrup, and aromatic bitters. An old-fashioned twist, the exact recipe can be found on the Cocktail Courier website, and it pairs well with grilled meats and vegetables. “When creating this kit, one of my biggest inspirations was to squash a common misconception people have about rum,” says Blais. “People think that rum only works well with sweet flavors, but it doesn’t have to be paired with something fruity. A rum like Mount Gay is much more complex, especially with its cask ageing, so you can think of rum the same way you think of whiskey or bourbon.”

Blais says he also wants consumers and cocktail enthusiasts to know how refreshing cocktails can be paired with summer barbecues. “With this kit, I wanted to show how pairing refreshing cocktails with tasty summer grilling staples is the perfect way to discover new flavor combinations,” she says.

With National Rum Day on August 16, Blais has the perfect pairing planned. “To celebrate, I plan to make (my) Mount Gay Black Barrel Blaised Ribs which perfectly complements rum cocktails like my Ember and Rum Manhattant,” he says. “It’s delicious. When I mix the recipe’s zesty spices with a healthy Mount Gay Black Barrel pour to marinate lamb or pork ribs, the result is out of this world and gloriously messy.”

“I also plan on enjoying a neat Black Barrel pour so I can really experience the flavors of the rum,” he says. “Rum, especially Mount Gay, is an exciting spirit for me as it’s a flavor first.”

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