Salman Khan’s sister, Arpita Khan Sharma, celebrates her birthday with this delicious cake

Salman Khan’s sister, Arpita Khan Sharma, turned a year older today. Many celebrities in the industry and their close friends expressed their warm wishes to Arpita. Some even shared photos on social media to make her feel special. And Arpita also seemed to be enjoying her big day to the fullest. She shared Instagram Stories and gave us a glimpse of her birthday celebration. In her video, she can be seen cutting a huge cake with her husband, actor Aayush Sharma, standing next to her. There we saw a sumptuous two-tier cake decorated with white icing and what appeared to be chocolate.

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The sweet treat also featured floral details in various places. We also see some family photos of Arpita surrounding the base of the cake. In the video, it was evident that Arpita was joined by members of her family and close friends of hers for the celebration.

Have a look:


If you’ve started to miss cakes, don’t worry. We have listed about five delicious cake recipes for you below. We have tried to choose easy-to-cook recipes so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time baking in the kitchen.

1) Sponge cake

If you’re not too fond of cream or heavy chocolate laden cakes, this is a simple recipe to try. The sponge cake is a delicious sweet prepared mainly with flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla essence and butter.

2) Moist Rich Chocolate Cake

We also have a surprise for chocolate lovers. If you like to dig into rich, chocolatey treats, this delicious moist chocolate cake is the best. If you’re having a bad day, a generous slice of this soft cake is all you need to make you happy.

3) marble cake

This is an excellent option for all those who follow a healthy diet but sometimes want to treat themselves a little. It is a delicious flavored cake that combines the goodness of vanilla, cocoa and chocolate. You can also do this and treat your friends when they come home.

4) Eggless Vanilla Cake

Many people do not go for a cake because they feel that it may contain eggs. But this recipe is a good option for all those who do not consume eggs. This Eggless Vanilla Cake is a classic recipe that will take just 20 minutes to make.

5) Pumpkin Oatmeal Cake

Cakes are versatile and can be made with various ingredients. Yes, the pumpkin and oatmeal used in this cake will give your dessert a healthy twist. So if you’re concerned about your health, pumpkin pie oatmeal is the best thing to stuff yourself.

Have a nice day. Don’t forget to share your baking experiences with us.

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