SavorEat Launches Fully Customizable 3D Printed Plant-Based Pork and Turkey Burgers

This Israeli startup, SavorEat, has developed and launched fully customizable 3D printed plant-based pork and turkey burgers. The food tech company’s new breakfast burgers will join its existing plant-based burgers.

Source: Red Paul Barron/Youtube

SavorEat’s meat alternatives are created by a “robot chef” who uses AI and machine learning to produce customizable burgers based on diners’ preferences. Through the system, users can select their cooking preference, desired protein and distant content using the company’s specially developed web application.

Vegconomist reported that robot chefs can produce a burger every two minutes. Because it only produces the amount that is needed, food waste is significantly reduced.

Through a partnership with the catering company Sodexo, SavorEat burgers will be available at American colleges.

“We are passionate about offsetting carbon emissions and reducing waste. That’s why we created a product that can do both,” said Rachel Vizman, CEO and co-founder of SavorEat. “By expanding to other plant-based meats, we aim to provide greater variety and customization, to empower the planet to eat differently, with healthier and more sustainable options to reduce ecological impact.”

This new technology is a unique innovation in the plant-based meat market, making alternatives to plant-based meat even more exciting. Hopefully this new technology will encourage those who are not vegan to try this realistic substitute.

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