Texas city on the brink or running out of water declares ‘water emergency’

The city of Gunther, Texas has declared a water emergency and is asking residents to drastically reduce their water use or else they will be left without water.

Source: WFAA/Youtube

The city government sent a letter to residents last week saying that the city’s water storage tanks cannot be refilled due to “excessive water consumption” and that the city is at risk of running out of water. The letter says that there are mechanical problems with the well caused in part by the extreme heat.

The letter tells residents to “stop outdoor watering until further notice” and to minimize or eliminate the use of “dishwashers, washing machines, showers and sinks, and any other non-essential water use.”

“As communicated yesterday, water wells are mechanical in nature and subject to failure when running continuously. Wells are typically designed to run 50-60% of the time. Due to extreme heat, drought conditions, and demand for water, these wells were continually running, so they continue to fail,” the letter says.

“Keep up all your conservation efforts and don’t waste the water. Under no circumstances, until further notice, is outdoor watering NOT permitted. Limit your indoor water use to necessities. Please refer to yesterday’s communication for details,” residents are told.

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