The 10 Best Shrimp Dipping Sauces (+ Easy Recipes)

If you are looking for the best shrimp dipping saucesThen you are in the right place!

Shrimp are delicious no matter how you prepare them, but what really takes them to the next level are the amazing sauces that go with them.

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Fried Shrimp with Cream Sauce

That’s where this list comes in! Below you will find a variety of sauces that go perfectly with stuffed and salted prawns.

From classic cocktail sauce to Chinese mustard, you’ll discover exciting new sauce combinations that are beyond your gastronomic imagination.

Read this guide on the best sauces for shrimp to unleash your culinary creativity.

The next time you need a quick dipping sauce, try this recipe.

All you need are three ingredients to make this delicious sauce: sour cream, hot sauce, and crumbled blue cheese.

Together, these elements create a magical sauce that is creamy, spicy, and tangy. You will love how well this sauce works with the shrimp.

If you need an appetizer for your dinner, try making shrimp cocktail.

Not only is this elegant appetizer oozing with class, you won’t believe how easy it is to make.

All you need is some thawed shrimp and this homemade cocktail sauce that comes together in 5 minutes.

After a dip in this delicious sauce, you’ll never consider store-bought again.

Your palate will be delighted with sweet and savory flavors with the perfect amount of spice.

You can’t beat this multi-purpose ginger soy sauce.

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Whether you’re making shrimp, wontons, meatballs, or kabobs, this sauce will add sensational depth to any sandwich.

You won’t believe how much flavor this amazing dipping sauce has.

Between the soy sauce, ginger, scallions, and red pepper flakes, you’re looking at one hell of a bite.

The best part about this recipe is that you can make it in just 7 minutes! Not bad for such a delicious and versatile sauce.

How can it be better than this orange chili sauce?

If you’re short on time but need a quick dip to elevate your meal, look no further!

You only need four ingredients to create this savory sauce packed with sweet heat.

It uses an orange marmalade base that adds a touch of sugar to this sauce.

Combined with Thai chili sauce and cayenne pepper, this is a flavor bomb for your palate.

You can serve this sauce with many different appetizers, but you will especially love how it tastes with fried coconut shrimp!

In just 5 minutes you can create this magnificent sauce that will make all your dreams come true.

Not convinced? Try this sauce and let me know otherwise.

All you need is mayonnaise, hot sauce, sriracha, and lime to make this silky, tangy sauce.

You’ll love how the creaminess of the mayonnaise works with the spice of the sriracha.

Each flavor will melt on your palate in the best possible way.

Any recipe that has garlic and butter in the title always catches my eye.

You might think it would be hard to make these two legendary ingredients even better, but this recipe accomplishes the impossible.

By adding Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and hot sauce, you can create a tantalizing combination that will make your mouth water.

When whipping up a big batch of shrimp, make sure you have this recipe on hand.

You’ll love how well the shrimp and garlic butter sauce work to create magic in your mouth.

If you’re a fan of Thai food, you’ll be obsessed with this versatile dipping sauce.

After just one taste, you’ll crave the hearty, sweet flavors that blend into this sauce.

You can drizzle a healthy dose of this sauce over a bed of jasmine rice, or enjoy it as a topping for shrimp.

No matter the method, you’ll fall in love with the addictive flavors in every bite.

You can’t go wrong with this sweet chili sauce.

Between hot chili peppers, spicy garlic, and strong lime juice, every taste hits a home run.

Not only will you love dipping plump shrimp in this finger-licking sauce, but you can’t go wrong using them as a marinade as well.

Best of all, you can make a large batch of this recipe and store it for up to 3 weeks.

Any time your recipe calls for a flavor boost, simply serve a dollop of this magical sauce.

Who doesn’t love a good honey mustard dipping sauce? I know I am a fan of the duo of sweet and salty flavors.

If you’ve always wanted to try making a timeless honey mustard sauce, then this recipe shows you the way.

All you need is two ingredients, and here’s a hint: both items are mentioned in the title.

That’s right, all you need for this incredibly easy recipe is honey and mustard to make a sensational sauce.

After making it just once, you will fall in love with the simplicity and ease of this recipe.

You won’t believe how well it goes with shrimp, fries, sandwiches, you name it!

If you’ve never tried Chinese hot mustard, this is your cue to give this tasty recipe a try.

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this tasty treat.

In just 15 minutes, you can have your own homemade Chinese spicy mustard ready for dipping!

Ignite a spark of flavor that will have you craving more.

Between the bite of mustard powder and the tartness of rice vinegar, a tantalizing treat awaits.

Shrimp dipping sauces

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