The intestines will start to shrink due to wrong eating habits, learn healthy bowel remedies from the experts

Intestine The gastrointestinal tract is a long tube that starts in the mouth and ends in the rectum. Its importance can be inferred from its very structure. In such a situation, you must have heard the term gut health. But what does it really mean to have a healthy gut? This means having the correct balance of small bacteria and other microbes in your digestive system. Researchers are exploring the ways that microorganisms work to maintain overall health.

What about poor gut health? Due to poor intestinal health, problems related to digestion begin to occur. These include gas, flatulence, indigestion, abdominal cramps, sour burps or heartburn, depression, brain fog, etc. Aside from this, disturbances in gut health can also affect your sleep. Along with this, due to unhealthy intestines, the body cannot absorb nutrients properly. There is also a risk of causing problems in other parts of the body.

ayurvedic doctor diksha bhavsar In a recent post, I shared some Ayurvedic tips to maintain or improve gut health. She says that Ayurveda has some excellent guidelines related to food and digestion, by following which you can keep your overall health healthy.

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Ayurvedic remedies for intestinal health

eat only when you are hungry

Experts say that hunger actually occurs when the previous meal is completely digested. Sometimes you may feel hungry even when you are dehydrated. In such a situation, adjust with your body and try to find out what hunger really feels like. And eat food accordingly.

Eat food in a quiet and comfortable place.

Ayurvedic doctors recommend eating in a quiet and comfortable place. Also, sitting down is the best way to eat food. Do not use distractions such as mobile, television, laptop while eating. Use all your 5 senses. Experience the smell of your food, the look of your plate, the texture of your food, the different tastes and sounds you make while eating.

Eat hot and in the right amount

Everyone’s body and diet are different. In such a situation, eat only as much as your stomach feels satisfied. During this attempt, the ideal is to eat only freshly cooked food. Ayurvedic doctors say that as long as you avoid eating cold things that are taken out of the fridge, then your digestive power (agni) remains intact. It helps your digestive enzymes to work efficiently.

eat healthy food

Try to make your food juicy or slightly oily as it facilitates digestion. It also improves the absorption of nutrients. So avoid too dry foods. Apart from this, do not eat incompatible foods like fruits and milk, fish and milk together. This can cause stomach upset.

chew and eat regularly

Ayurveda experts say don’t just swallow your food, chew it well and eat it. Also, it is beneficial to have food at regular time. Nature likes cycles and regularity so you must follow her.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. In no way can it be a substitute for any medication or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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