The Outer Banks Voice: School Families Urged to Complete Free and Reduced Lunch Application

School families are urged to complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Application

By Story Submitted on July 30, 2022

(Food for thought)

As families prepare for the new school year, there’s a ‘new’ assignment that will be all too familiar. Filling out the Free and Reduced Lunch Application has been temporarily suspended during the pandemic, but is again a requirement for students who are eligible for free breakfasts and lunches when schools open in August.

“It’s been almost three years since people needed to fill out an application; it’s just not on their radar,” says Kelleta Govan, Director of School Nutrition at Dare County Schools.

As a bonus, Govan explained that there are a host of services tied to that simple paperwork. Additional benefits may include reduced fees for Advanced Placement testing, Internet access, school funding, and pandemic EBT benefits.

Additionally, Outer Banks Food for Thought (FFT) uses the number of approved requests to plan their weekend meal deliveries. FFT Board members are hopeful that the reinstated paperwork requirement will allow them to reach more homes of students who are at risk of missing out on nutritious meals and snacks on the weekends.

There is no need to wait for paper applications to be sent home with students. It is available right now online at:

Families who prefer to complete a form by hand and submit it on paper can visit the Free and Reduced Lunch Application to print a form.

Govan explained that families can apply at any time during the school year. Many families affected by seasonal employment qualify long after the school year begins.

Bobbie Murray, President of Food for Thought, says, “While it’s completely anonymous who gets our weekend meals, it’s vital for us to know how many meals we’ll be packing this year so we can fund and pack the right amount of groceries. ”

Currently, there are 22.1% of Dare County students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals. Once approved, a student is eligible to receive services for the remainder of the school year, regardless of changes in household income.

food for thought is a volunteer non-profit organization that provides non-perishable healthy breakfasts and lunches for more than 400 students who meet specific criteria in Dare County during the weekends of the school year. All food is purchased at cost, not donated. Funds to support our programs come from grants and individual donors like you.

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