These 7 Quick And Easy Regional Rice Recipes Define Comfort In Every Bite

Whenever we are pressed for time or have a hectic day, we don’t have the energy to cook for ourselves. In those days, all we want is to do something easy, fast and uncomplicated. And when it comes to cooking dishes like this, rice recipes are something that ticks all the boxes. Plus, they’re satisfying to the core! You hardly need to do any preparation. Simply add your ingredients to a pot and cook with rice! However, if you’re bored with your daily rice recipes, it’s time to try something regional. Here we have some delicious rice recipes from different states for you to try.

Here are 7 regional rice recipes you can try

1. Allahbadi Tehri (Our recommendation)

Nothing is easier than this! This recipe stands out for its bright yellow color and the tasty addition of aromatic spices. Tehri is a wonderful dish that you can prepare quickly and easily. This recipe is perfect to fall back on if you have a craving for something yummy!

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Allahabadi Tehri

2. Karnataka-style biryani

With a tangy tomato-lemon-curd sauce and a marinade made up of mint leaves and coriander, this easy-to-make biryani has a delicious twist. It has chicken pieces that will give you the comfort you crave so much.

Karnataka Style Biryani

3. Bengali Tok Dal with Bhaat

In this dish, raw mangoes are added to masoor dal. It brings a harmony of salty, sweet and spicy flavors to your taste buds while being light and comfortable. All you have to do is serve it with steamed rice and aloo bharta to enjoy it.

Tok Dal (Bengali Style Raw Mango Dal)

4. Punjabi Rajma Chawal

Rajma chawal is comforting to the core. This dish is perfect for any day, and is indulgent in every bite. Rajma chawal only requires a handful of ingredients to cook and is a hit with everyone. Do not forget to accompany it with a classic Indian salad.


5. Kashmiri Yakhni Pulao

Yakhni is a term for broth that is created from meat that has been boiled with various flavorful whole spices. So, in this Kashmiri pulao recipe, the chicken is cooked in water with a potli of spices, and then rice is added along with it! If you want, you can also add vegetable pieces.

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Kashmiri Yakhni Pulao

6. Rajasthan Gatte Ki Khichdi

If you are a fan of Rajasthani food, you must have had the famous gatte ki sabzi! This time, we suggest you give a new face to the gatte with this khichdi recipe. The rice and gatte are mixed in a flavorful mix of spices. It is indulgent in every bite.

Move Over Regular Khichdi Make This Rajasthani Gatte Ki Khichdi In 20 Minutes

7. Goan Fish Biryani

Seafood lovers, gather together! Goa is known for its various seafood dishes, and this recipe is a must. Here the fish is first marinated and then cooked to perfection. Later it is mixed with rice and more spices.

So the next time you want to have something delicious without hard work, these rice recipes are a must!

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