This emaciated horse was rescued from abandonment. Now she has a wide open field to run

Meet Guinevere! She came to Christian Farms Rescue Rehab after being rescued from an abuse case. She was very emaciated, and many of her bones were visible. Although her future was unclear, she had a spark in her eyes that said, “Don’t give up on me, I still have the fight inside of me,” as she described the rescue.

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When he arrived, his mane and tail were extremely matted and not being cared for properly. With a lot of detangler and patience, they were finally able to brush out her long beautiful hair and avoid having to cut it altogether. After receiving a much-needed haircut and pedicure, she was feeling much better.

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With the care and love that Gin is receiving now, she is slowly blossoming! It may be a long, slow recovery process, but her rescuers are extremely optimistic that she will get there.

“Now, two and a half months later, he is happy, he is gaining weight and that glow is a bright, shining light. Please consider donating to help us help others like Gin,” said Christian Farms Rescue.

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You can keep up with Gin and the other rescues on Instagram and TikTok!

Christian Farms Rescue Rehab is a large non-profit animal rescue organization. They rescue, rehabilitate and relocate the forgotten and those left behind. If you want to support their hard work, you can donate here.

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