This Hack Lets You Try Every Meal Kit For Next To Nothing

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It is a known fact that food tastes better when it has been given a good rating. discount. If you like delicious foods but you don’t like to pay a lot of money for them, I have a very good trick to save money that will allow you to try almost all of the best meal kits and meal delivery services for next to nothing.

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All it takes is a little organization (and maybe a few calendar reminders to be sure). You can hack the system and test everything to the maximum popular meal kit services for a massive discount. And when I say discount I mean it; you will often pay for less than $2 per serving. That’s much cheaper than buying groceries and cooking at home or ordering cheap, unhealthy fast food. With this meal kit, you’ll have all the fresh ingredients dosed and shipped to your home to prepare healthy dinners for you and your family.

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How to try every meal kit on the cheap

Just about every meal kit service I’ve tried, and I have tried almost all of them. — will allow you to sample several weeks worth of meals for a super cheap promotional price. These deeply discounted registration offers are often as low as $4 or $5 for a complete recipe that will feed two, four, or six four people.

The deals will usually be spread over three, four, or even five installments. As an example, blue apronthe offer of you’ll save $110, but you’ll have to order five weeks’ worth of meals. That still equates to 13 “free” dinners, though, and in the process you’ll get to try this simple meal kit service. gobble the deal is shorter but just as tempting. This service allows you to try your first six meal kits for only $36.

registration offer of each dish

EveryPlate is my favorite inexpensive meal kit. It’s already pretty affordable, but that’s how cheap it will be for your first few boxes.

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Even without these deals, we’re running the numbers and using a convenient meal kit is just a a few dollars more expensive than buying the same groceries. Consider one of the offers and you will be significantly cheaper than buying the ingredients. Plus, you won’t have to make annoying trips to the store for months, or even a year if you try them all.

So what are the best meal delivery registration deals?

I have rounded the best food delivery offers here so you can make a plan to try them all. Some promotions are likely to change from month to month, so grab the ones that look best to you now and I’ll be sure to update the post so you can find the best deals when it’s time to try a new service.

blue apron promotional offer

Be sure to read each offer carefully. Often the deal is spread out over a few installments, so you’ll be committed to a few weeks worth of meals. You can always cancel or pause after the discount ends.

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Set a reminder to cancel and move on to the next

The big problem is that if you don’t cancel once the initial promotion ends, the service will almost certainly continue to send you meal boxes, but in the end complete price. Some will allow you to cancel immediately after placing your order, while others will have you wait until all the promo boxes have been delivered. In cases where you are kept waiting, I suggest setting a reminder to cancel as soon as possible.

cancel meal kit reminder

Setting reminders to cancel after the promotion ends will keep this sneaky system running smoothly.

Screenshot by David Watsky/CNET

In the worst case, you’ll get an extra week’s worth of meal delivery at a higher price. It’s certainly not the end of the world, but if you’re trying to try them all for those rock-bottom deals, you’re going to have to stay on your game.

There’s usually no commitment, but read the fine print anyway.

Most of these deeply discounted registration offers will not bind you to any long-term contract. In fact, they make it pretty easy to pause or cancel your service, unlike those rage-inducing gyms. But for security reasons, please read the fine print for each individual service and promotion before entering your credit card information.

sunbasket registration offer

Sunbasket is my favorite overall meal kit service. It’s usually around $12 or $13 a serving, but not when you take advantage of this trial offer.

Screenshot by David Watsky/CNET

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There are also prepared meal delivery deals to try

If you are not interested in cooking, many of the best prepared meal delivery services They have registration deals too. I’ve found that the discount, by percentage, isn’t usually as good as with meal kits, but there are still some cheap meals. Like meal kits, you’ll be able to cancel your service after you’ve taken advantage of the offer, or continue receiving if you like what you get.

freshly made meals

Meal services like Freshly also have sign-up deals, though you’ll usually get a bigger deal with meal kits.


Even online butchers like Butcher and grocery delivery services like prosperous market Y hungry root have some good deals for new customers. I say try them all and let everyone else pay full price.

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