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Just because someone likes to get a little wild between the sheets doesn’t mean they’re down for sex all the time. Even for those of us with healthy libidos, the balance between quality and quantity can be a big deciding factor in the bedroom. Sure, it’s nice to enjoy role-playing or experimenting with new toys, but can your partner keep up the fun? Read on to hear from professional astrologers about which zodiac signs have the strongest sexual urges, from quite playful to always on. And don’t worry, these people still know how to keep the romance alive.

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Pisces is considered the most romantic sign in the zodiac, with a natural ability to provide their partners with that fairytale feeling. But this doesn’t mean they’re soft, notes celebrity psychic and astrologer. Inbaal Hoenigman. “Because Pisces fall in love in a very physical and dramatic way, they can’t keep their hands off the object of their affection,” she explains. “When they’re looking for someone, they’re looking for both the body and the soul, and this can be very sexual.”

For Pisces, the bedroom is just another area of ​​the relationship where they extend their generosity. “They are eager to please their love interest and will try anything their partner wants,” says the relationship astrologer. anna kovach. And while for many people, this type of trip is reserved for the honeymoon phase, Honigman says that “even in [a] long-term relationship, your desire doesn’t decrease.

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This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure and money. Therefore, Taurus favors the finer things in life, such as gourmet foods, fine wine, and luxurious fabrics. This also makes them extremely sensual, which of course translates to their sex life. “Don’t be surprised if his evening includes a candlelit bubble bath with soft music and champagne,” she says. tara bennettastrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach on Mediumchat.

“These sensual people are great lovers and never tire of expressing their sexual desire,” adds Kovach. She notes, however, that this mostly applies when “they have a trusting, loving bond with someone.” It can also take time for a Taurus to warm up to someone new in this department. “Taurus people can be divas in the bedroom, but if you take the time to show them you care, you won’t be disappointed. They’ll return the favor and then some,” says Kovach.

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The complete opposite of committed Taurus, Sagittarius is quickly bored and easily transitions to new sexual partners. “As the spice and excitement dies down, and the bedroom becomes more intimate than highly charged, he hopes the Sagittarius will move on to their next conquest,” Bennett explains.

As the most adventurous sign in the zodiac, Sagittarius is also very comfortable experimenting in the bedroom. “Part of his healthy sex drive includes a desire to explore as many different positions and techniques as possible,” says Kovach. “They study sexuality like a college student preparing for exams, and the tests are all practical.”

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Capricorns are perhaps best known for their extreme work ethic, always striving to get to the top and exhibiting tunnel vision while doing so. This take no prisoners attitude also extends to their sex life. “A big part of Capricorn’s life outlook has to do with possession, status and achievement,” Honigman says. He adds that they often “view relationships as something to be earned.”

But there is also a physical element to Capricorn’s sexual appetite. According to International Psychic Astrologer and Certified Psychic Medium sunrise angel, this sign “has the vigor, the strength and the perseverance” to go after his carnal desires. She describes her sexual appetite as “sustained, enduring, and… insatiable.”

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Aries is known to get a little wild at times, often finding themselves the life of the party. It is this trait that allows them to enjoy sexual experimentation even when they are not in love. “But when you’re in love, watch out,” Kovach warns. “The house can shake with powerful sexual energy.”

Their strong libidos are due to their ruling planet Mars, “which governs sexual drive and aggression,” Honigman explains. “They are certainly not led by the head in situations, but by the loins.” And you won’t have to worry about the Aries desire fading away as she ages. “They’re young and vibrant at any age and never feel too old for a little afternoon treat,” adds Honigman. Just make sure you can keep up with a teammate this brave!

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Scorpios are well known for their high sexual charge, thanks to their two planetary rulers: Mars, the fiery planet of love and sex, and Pluto, the planet of power. In addition, they are a water element, which makes them true romantics. “They believe in love and fall seriously and deeply, almost obsessively,” says Honigman.

Although Scorpios have a reputation for being intense and obsessive, Kovach says it pays off in the bedroom. Intimacy is very important to them, and when it comes to the physical aspect of a relationship, “they want to combine a deep emotional connection with intense passion and lust,” he explains.

If you are associated with this sign, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your sexual prowess in the long run. “Devoted and loyal Scorpios would follow his mistress to the ends of the earth,” says Bennet.

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