TikTok Tip: Quick and Easy Sustainable Home Exchanges for Everyone

Sustainable living can sometimes get complicated and it can be easy to feel like you’re never doing enough. However, it is important to note that small trades can really make a big difference. This TikTok video offers a list of eco-friendly ideas that will hopefully inspire you to get creative and make some changes!

@everydayashleyy Things in my sustainable home that just make sense! #sustentable #lowwaste #vegan #LetsFaceIt #fyp #lifestyle #sustainabilitytips ♬ 아무노래 (Any song) – kozico0914

Did you know that buying in bulk can help save money and the planet? When you buy an item in bulk, there is no packaging. Buying in bulk always allows you to get everything you need, whether that means buying an ounce or a pound of peppercorns. No food waste!

If your kitchen is full of single-use plastic containers, containers, plastics, etc., don’t worry. There are many sustainable alternatives for you to try. Instead of Ziploc brand plastic bags, you can store bread in cloth bags, crackers, baked goods and other dry foods in cans or glass jars, and fruits and vegetables in Pyrex glass containers.

While plastic can make life more comfortable at times, the reality is that most plastics are not recycled and are sent to landfills where they can take up to 1,000 years to break down. For something that is supposed to be quick and convenient, there is nothing quick or convenient in the entire life cycle of a plastic object. Hopefully these tips will inspire you to transform your kitchen into a sustainable one!

For more sustainable DIY hacks, check out Ashley on TikTok!

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