Tiny turtle pooped pure plastic for six days after being rescued from Sydney beach

This poor little turtle pooped “pure plastic” for six days after being rescued from a beach in Sydney.

The green sea turtle hatchling was missing a flipper when it was found on the beach immobilized and lying on its back in a rock pool. The 127-gram calf was taken to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo wildlife hospital.

According to the wildlife hospital, it was missing one of its four flippers, had a chip in another, and had a hole in its shell. In addition to these injuries, the turtle appeared to be in good condition and had no trouble swimming.

“But then he started defecating and he defecated plastic for six days. No feces came out, just pure plastic,” Taronga Veterinary Nurse Sarah Male said.

“It was all different sizes, colors and compositions. Some were hard, some were sharp, and with some, you could tell the plastic had something written on it. This is all some of these poor little things eat. There is so much plastic around that they only consume it as their first starting food,” she said.

They filled six small vials filled with plastic. Fortunately, the tortoise survived and now weighs almost 400 grams. However, it could be a whole year before the animal can be released back into the ocean.

Worldwide, we produce 300 million tons of plastic every year, 78 percent of which is NOT recovered or recycled. Around 8.8 million tons of plastic be thrown into the oceans every year! 700 marine animals they face extinction due to the threat plastic poses to them in the form of entanglement, contamination and ingestion. 50 percent of sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs. By 2050, 99 percent of all seabird species will have ingested plastic debris. according to a World Economic Forum studythere will be one tonne of plastic for every three tonnes of fish by 2025, and if business continues as usual, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.

Learn more about how companies like it Facebook, tupperware, Google, Pigeon, Budweiser, CarlsbergY fiji water are working to reduce plastic pollution. Places around the world like Tel Aviv, California, Baltimore, Scotland, and many more are banning various single-use plastics, and others are proposing creative ways to recycle Y use plastic waste.

There are products you may be using or habits you may have that are contributing to plastic pollution. Learn more about how using tea bags, cotton swabs, Dirty clothes, Contact lenses, Brilliantine, Y sheet masks pollute our oceans so you can make more informed decisions in the future. There are also numerous simple actions Y switches that can help eliminate plastic from our lives, even make your own Cosmetic products, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, household cleanerswearing Glass jars, reusable bags/bottles/strawsand avoiding microbeads!

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