Top 8 Shishito Pepper Recipes (Quick + Easy)

These shishito pepper recipes they’re rich in bright, tangy flavors without burning your taste buds.

Shishito peppers are a staple in traditional Japanese dishes, but they also work great in classic recipes like stuffed peppers.

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Top 10 Shishito Pepper Recipes (quick and easy).  Shown in picture: Homemade Shishito Pepper with Salt

Unlike hot peppers, shishito peppers are sweet and slightly smoky. They live somewhere between a green bell pepper and a jalapeño on the heat scale.

Look at these tasty shishito pepper recipes below for a hint of peppery flavor without the added heat.

Shishito chilies are so mild that they make a great side dish. Be careful though, because there is always a shishito pepper in every batch that packs a powerful punch of spice!

To bring out the smoky flavors of this pepper, sautéing them in a pan is very simple.

The charred edges add so many flavors and the heat in the pan makes them incredibly tender and delicious.

Serve blistered shishito peppers as a snack with hummus or alongside a cheeseburger and juice.

With just a few extra seasonings (all pantry staples), you can transform shishito peppers into a delicious and healthy side dish.

Sautéing them on the stovetop helps soften the skin and releases those sweet, smoky flavors.

Add soy sauce, minced garlic, and black pepper to the pan with a little olive oil for a hint of savory flavors. It’s a fantastic side dish that’s slightly spicier than classic stir fry vegetables.

If you’re in a hurry, this recipe comes together in 7 minutes. No tedious cutting required!

On the hunt for the perfect waistline snack? These soy glazed shishito peppers are the ultimate appetizer or side dish, packed with flavor but low in calories.

Since shishito peppers are not overly hot, it requires the addition of red pepper flakes for heat.

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Don’t worry, they’re not too spicy! The addition of brown sugar and soy sauce help neutralize the heat for a deliciously sweet and tangy snack.

It makes a great appetizer, but also works well as a side dish for burgers or served with rice.

Creamed Shishito Peppers are great on just about anything.

Eat them plain as a creamy side dish, add them as a topping for pizza, or tuck them into an omelette.

You can even use them as a taco protein replacement for a Meatless Taco Tuesday!

Cook the shishito peppers until soft and tender, and toss with heavy cream, spices, and Parmesan cheese.

The heat from the peppers can’t get through the heavy cream and cheese, so it won’t be spicy.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can make a large batch and store it in the fridge for up to five days.

If you love the concept of stuffed jalapeños but feel like they’re just also spicy, it’s time to reconsider your choice of pepper.

Shishito peppers have a similar flavor profile to jalapeños, but they are not as hot.

Fill halved shishitos with all the classic ingredients: cream cheese, salami (for a savory twist), and spices.

It offers the same flavors of stuffed jalapeños without the fire of 5 alarms in the mouth.

These Stuffed Peppers are a great appetizer to take to a tailgate, potluck, or to work as a killer late night snack!

Looking for a great side dish for your next homemade sushi night?

Edamame often gets all the attention, but this miso butter shishito pepper dish puts edamame to shame!

The slightly hot and sweet flavors of shishito peppers pair perfectly with the sweet and nutty miso butter.

Add crispy, nutty furikake, and watch a full bowl disappear faster than your homemade California rolls.

It’s the perfect side dish or appetizer to whip up in a snap and packs a ton of Japanese-inspired flavors.

I love any opportunity to get my fryer out. Air frying shishito peppers is a great way to crisp up the skin and soften the interior without using a lot of oil.

The great thing about this super simple recipe is that it lets the natural flavors of this tasty and aromatic bell pepper shine through.

Toss whole peppers into the air to fry them with a pinch of salt, and let your air fryer do all the heavy lifting.

For more flavors, pair it with a sweet and savory sesame ginger sauce. The sauce is so simple that you can whip it up while your pepper cooks in the fryer.

Looking for an extra touch of spice? Although one in ten shishito peppers is hot, there’s no guarantee you’ll cook a batch with that hot pepper gone rogue.

This Honey Hot Sauce is worth checking out to infuse a little extra heat!

To bring out the smoky flavors of the peppers, cook them in a skillet until the skin begins to char. Pair it with a sweet honey infused sauce with a chili garlic paste kick to taste.

If you don’t want your side dish to be too spicy, add a little hot sauce at a time until it reaches the perfect heat for your palate.

Shishito Pepper Recipes

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