Watermelon Infused Water Recipe

Try freezing the watermelon chucks before adding to your water, they make great flavorful ice cubes in the summer. So, same with watermelon infused the water.

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Use the freshest, sweetest, watermelon and strawberries that you can find.

Watermelon infused water recipe. Add water to the mixture and refrigerate until ready to. Put 3 kiwi slices, 3 watermelon cubes, remaining 2 kiwi slices and 2 watermelon cubes in the infusing tube and close the lid. This is one of the best benefits of watermelon infused water.

Place rosemary in a pitcher and massage gently using a wooden spoon. Get creative with this recipe, don’t feel like you have to follow along exactly. 7 watermelon cubes5 cucumber slices2 mint sprigs.

Then add around 1 cup of ice cubes. Add watermelon to the pitcher and gently squash using a wooden spoon. Slice them up into large pieces and place them in a pitcher full of ice water.

To make, simply place chunks of watermelon, sliced cucumber, mint and water in a pitcher. From skin care to make up, find all your favourite beauty obsessions at cult beauty. Add as much or as little of each ingredient to get the flavor you want!

Repeat step 1 to form layers of ice and. This refreshingly sweet watermelon lemonade is made with only two ingredients and contains no added sugars, it is the perfect drink for hot summer days. With watermelons and strawberries coming into season it is the perfect time to make this simple strawberry watermelon infused water.

The infused water should last about 3 to 4 days in the fridge. If you have any remaining after 4 days, you should dispose. Watermelon is an excellent fruit for making infused waters as it releases flavor quickly and is very refreshing.

2 fill each glass with ice and water. Watermelon lemonade without added sugar. 1 arrange 1 skewered watermelon wedge in each glass with 2 small sprigs of mint and 2 lime wedges.

The cilantro adds just a hint of herbal flavor. From skin care to make up, find all your favourite beauty obsessions at cult beauty. Make you lean and fit.

If not daily at least twice a week. And for some added flavor, i like to add a few drops of lime. Drink immediately or refrigerate overnight.

This is important to keep the fruit from rotting and ruining the water. Fill ¾ of the bottle with water, place the infusing tube in it, close the lid of the bottle tightly and shake it lightly.

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